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Trusting Myself


So many choices in each moment.
What to create?
Is it time to rest?
To eat?
To sing?
To dance?
To sew?
I choose to sing.
I record my voice and listen.
I like the way it sounds,
so I keep going.
I’m learning something
about creativity and pleasure,
trusting myself in the process.

Humble Prayers For Help


Help us, God,
help us to let go
and surrender into
your love.
Help this one,
this control freak,
to recognize
she has no control.
Let her breathe and relax.
Help this one,
this workaholic,
that he will one day die.
Let him stop and be with his family.
Help this beautiful child
recognize her greatness
and help this precious one
value his many gifts.
Give us strength to become
all we were born to be.
Make us all new in your love.
Show us how to trust in you and your ways.
We’re tired of trying so hard
to figure this out.
We just want to know your rhythm,
your melody and harmony,
your accompaniment, chorus,
verse and refrain.
Thank you God
for helping us…again.

Precious Presence


Forget about the shopping–
give a hug, a flower, a smile,
your time.
We surround ourselves with things,
but none of it can come with us
when we leave this world.
How do you want to be remembered?
We can be distracted
in pursuit of things,
or we can be here,
open heart, open eyes,
present for our loved ones.
Sit with your beloveds,
be still and quiet,
look at them, see them,
really listen.
Your loving presence
is the most precious of presents.

What is Your Gift?


What is the gift you are offering?
And I’m not talking about
a teddy bear, or a mug,
or a Starbucks gift card
that you give someone
to show your appreciation…
I’m asking you,
what is your gift?
What non-physical gift,
what quality,
are you offering with your presence?
Is it love?
Is it peace?
Consider this:
Whether you know it or not,
you are constantly
transmitting and receiving;
your body-mind-spirit self
is an antenna, a channel,
a receptacle, a beacon.
Are you sending out
fear, anxiety, mistrust, resentment?
Are you taking in
the fear, anxiety, mistrust
and resentment of others?
When you choose to awaken,
you can be very clear
about what you receive
and what you send out
and your presence
can be a source of comfort
and help to countless beings.
As you face the busyness
of this holiday season,
choose one soul quality to offer
to the world;
let this quality be your gift.
Set the genuine intention to
share it freely with all beings
known and unknown.
As you breathe in,
receive your gift
from the source of all that is:
Love from the source of love,
Patience from the source of patience,
Generosity from the source of generosity,
Peace from the source of peace
Strength from the source of strength,
Kindness form the source of kindness.
Fill yourself to the brim with this soul quality,
feel it alive within you, bubbling up,
radiating outwards.
As you breathe out,
beam this quality out
into the world to all beings,
with no exception.
Everyone will be blessed
by this work you do.
Everyone will benefit
from the gift you give
from your quiet, open heart.



Stay with your experience
whatever it is.
Don’t run away–
it has something to teach you.
the most valuable gift
is concealed in the strangest packaging.
Just trust in this moment.
Stay with this experience.
Unwrap each thought and feeling
open each perception, each word
see the treasures that are yours
when you learn to stay,
just stay with your experience.

You are a Child of the Universe


You are a child of the universe,
unique in all the world.
There has never been,
nor will there ever be,
another exactly like you.

You were born
with unique talents and abilities.
Discovering what they are,
and learning
how to best share them with the world
is the reason you are here.
The world is longing to know you,
to receive the special gifts you bring.

So dig deep, child friend.
Open your mind, body,
heart, soul,
and life
to discovering and sharing your precious gifts.

Share them freely with the world,
bring light and love and hope to us.
Show us what is possible
in the realm of human potential.

Share your gifts so freely
that you empty yourself
of any fear, doubt,
or self-imposed limits.

And in the space you have made,
receive the gifts
that the world is longing to give you,
all of the abundance of the universe
placed in homage at your feet.