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A Single Mother’s Prayer


Dear God,
Thank you for this day.
Thank you for waking me up again.
Thank you for giving me strength
to make it through,
even when I’m tired, sick,
and all I want to do is rest.
Thank you for helping me to be
the most loving mom I can be to my kids,
for tending to their needs joyfully, patiently,
and with gratitude that I was blessed with children
(even when sometimes I wish I weren’t!).
Thank you for cleansing my heart
of envy when I see husbands
taking care of their wives
with love in their eyes.
Help me to embrace my loneliness,
so that if it is your will one day,
I might celebrate partnership again.

For All That Is


I’m ready for a new paradigm,
one in which I am empowered
to stand on my own two feet
and know my place in this world.
I’m ready for quantum leaps
in awareness, flowing toward
the inevitability of my destiny.
I’m ready to trust,
to look with open eyes,
to hear with open ears,
to love with an open heart,
to BE with an open mind.
Great Spirit, thank you.
Thank you for guiding me on this journey.
May I awaken for the benefit of all beings.
May my life bring benefit to this planet.
My I know who I really am
and show up in the world
full of love and gratitude
for all that is.