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Just Get It Done


Singing, singing, learning
this music for the Virtual Choir 6
Feeling the shame spiral
because I did my habitual thing
and waited until the day before
to really dive into the music.
I remember (again)
that the way you do anything
is the way you do everything,
and behind my procrastination
there was the perfectionist,
just trying to find the perfect time.
Well…now is the time.
With my kids out of the house
I have quiet.
I can record this music.
If only I can get it perfect right done.
Yeah, Lorien, just get it done.

The Self That I Am Right Now


Still trying to be good…
I know this because I can feel it
in the way my belly unconsciously clenches
as I strive to get things done.
My practice has become
settling into the self I am now,
affirming that this moment is good,
that I am just fine as I am,
I don’t have to be someone else.
Perhaps after breathing through this thought
time after time after time
and moment to moment to moment
perhaps I will really feel it in my belly,
this feeling of settling into my self,
of relaxing into this moment,
of truly accepting who I am,
the self that I am right now.

Almost midnight


I’m sitting in the car

after a late dinner

i committed to writing something every day for a year

i committed to writing a poem every day for a month

it’s 11:57 PM and I wish it weren’t so late

i wish I could write a good poem

i wish I had more time

but sometimes in life we have to make due with what we have

so this is my post

this is my poem

for this day