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Back Home to Being


You can begin now,
right where you are.
Don’t wait–
tune in to what is,
You aren’t trying to fix anything,
just notice.
There is a middle ground
between repressing and reacting
and there you will find
one little tender spot of awareness.
Touch it for a moment
and you might just remember
who you really are–
much more than who you think you are.
There is nothing wrong with you.
Let yourself feel what you are feeling,
breathe in all of it,
Feel the discomfort, the heaviness, the grief
on your in breath.
As you breathe out,
radiate comfort, light, relief–
for all beings who are in the same boat as you.
You can start where you are–
with all of the messiness of life,
just as it is–
the pain, the aversion, the fear,
they can all be gateways back home
to that one little tender spot of being.
Don’t wait.
Come home now,
back home to being.

Let Us Share


As I let go of ideas of who I think I should be
I make room in my life
to be exactly who I am

Then discernment is needed.
Just who exactly observes this self,
and who chooses how to answer
this question–

Who am I ?

As I set out to describe who I am,
I discover that words are flimsy substitutes
for the feelings behind the actual experience
of simply being.

But still I try to choose my words carefully,
flimsy as they may be,
because if I can get even the tiniest bit close
to describing these feelings with words,

I might find connection
with another soul on the path
another soul searching for the words
to describe the indescribable,
searching for the answer to the question
Who am I?

And then, as the connection is made,
we might experience grace together,
just the tiniest bit.
This tiny bit of grace helps us to see
that when we’re here in this moment,
we don’t need understanding,
we don’t need words,
and we don’t need the
labels “I” and “You.”
Without those distinctions,
we see the interconnectedness of all things,
the ultimate grace–
the vast space of limitless being.

Let us find this grace together.
Let us share this homecoming.

Homecoming: Writing in Spite of it All


My family arrived in Baltimore at 12:45 am
Off the plane, at baggage check, all of our luggage made it–
Then a humid, exhaust-filled welcome
as we stood on the sidewalk,
waiting for the shuttle to longterm parking

When we finally got back home it was 1:30
and I sit down to write at 3 in the morning.

This all seems a bit obscene to me,
writing so late
so early in the morning

But this is what a writing practice does to a body–
We end up writing in spite of it all.

Almost Midnight Poem


Just before midnight
I remember to come back home.
I can’t remember why I left
But here I am now.

And once inside the door,
what will I do?

Will I look around, grateful for this shelter,
the welcome, the warmth, the sustenance, the comfort?

Or will I immediately begin to analyze
what could’ve gone better
and how much neater everything could be organized
and how much I’m still wanting
and how I doubt I’ll get what I deserve
and how I really don’t deserve what I think I deserve
and how indignant I feel when others get what I think is mine…

Always a choice, this homecoming.

Once inside the door, may my heart alight with gratitude
for the welcome, the warmth, the sustenance, the comfort.
May I find rest, and nourishment, and safety.

And may I abide in awareness of this noble true nature
and come and go with peace.