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Just One Moment


At night,
the only one awake in my house,
I wonder about finding balance.
Yes, I did a good job as homemaker today,
as errand runner
and childcare provider.
I was cook,
and I was hiking guide.
I was the consoler,
the soother,
the reassurer.
And I was good at what I did.
Two sleeping children
and one sleeping husband
are proof that something went right.
But I’m awake now,
wondering about my inner world,
the world that waits for me
while I engage in the busyness of life
as mom, wife, teacher, homemaker.
In my inner world, I am none of these.
In my inner world, I am undefined,
as expansive as space,
as mysterious as the deepest ocean.
I want to engage in explorations
of this vast territory…
but the adventurer is tired,
the explorations will have to wait.
Maybe tomorrow
between loads of laundry
and scooping the litter box,
just maybe I can slip out the side door
and slip inside the vast realm of myself.
Just one moment to remember
the infinite space in me.