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Your Falling


You’re not meant to be invincible.
You are human.
This means that sometimes you will fall.
We all fall sometimes.
But can you get back up?
Can you put your feet
back on your path
with your head reeling
and your heart heavy?
If everything was going your way
every moment of every day
how could you feel empathy
for those who do not lead
such a charmed existence?
Your humanness
and the way you periodically fall from grace
connects you with all beings
on this planet.
Let your falling back to earth
give you great appreciation
for those moments
when you are soaring,
filled with light, with love,
with inspiration.
Let your falling remind you
how beautifully human you are.

This is Who We Are


We are ordinary and magnificent
all at once.
When we can accept this
we will experience the ultimate freedom
born of fearlessness.
If we can live humbly
and yet wield our greatness wisely
we will be open, clear, efficient, effective.
We won’t need to shrink behind
illusions in a desperate attempt
to hide our shame,
and neither will we need
to puff ourselves up and prove
our worthiness to the world.
Completely ordinary
and extraordinarily magnificent
all at once–
this is who we are.