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When You Welcome The Universe


When you welcome
the Universe as lover
you dare not be choosy—
you want it all!
And rightfully so,
to say yes to some of it
and no to the rest
means that you don’t
accept the whole Universe.
It means that you’ve
held yourself apart
from some precious
a joy hiding inside a lesson.
Scrub the toilet
with the same
excitement you feel
when you kiss
your beloved’s cheek.
Everything becomes joy
when the whole Universe
is your lover.

Time and Space


Claiming time and space
for this self that wants to emerge
like a butterfly from a chrysalis
even though it doesn’t feel safe,
even though it feels like someone
will smack the chrysalis to the pavement
and stomp on it…
Claiming time and space
for this heart that is unbroken,
even when pieces of it
are scattered everywhere,
believing that there are parts
that remain whole,
searching for those…
Claiming time and space
for the child within,
the one who is innocent,
who didn’t choose any of this,
who tantrums, who says,
Taking that child, holding it close,
allowing the healing to take place
in time and space.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 19: Meditation Creation


One day a desperate
rageaholic neolithic mother
sent her husband and children
from the family cave
“Ugh. Need some alone time.”
The husband and kids
were familiar with that tone
so they decided they’d leave
mommy alone.
The mother said to herself
This place is a dump
and I’m exhausted.
I don’t feel like doing anything
at all right now.
I need some quiet.
I guess I’ll just sit for a moment.
So the mother sat.
She closed her eyes and breathed.
She noticed her thoughts,
her bodily sensations,
the sounds of her environment.
She felt at peace.
It felt so good she decided
to sit a little every day.
Her husband and kids noticed
that she didn’t lose her temper
quite so often.
As she attended to
cave cleaning
and meal preparation
she seemed more cheerful.
She was a lot more fun
to be around.
The mother’s best friend,
who lived in the next cave over,
noticed the change
and asked her friend what her secret was.
Come sit. You’ll see.
So they sat, and this mother
felt more peaceful as well.
One by one
other mothers began to join
the little group of women
who simply sat in the quiet and breathed.
The one day a woman announced
Hey ladies, this stuff is really good.
We should probably let the menfolk in
on our secret.
And so the women sat down
and showed the men how to be still
and breathe.
After the women taught their husbands
how to sit
they decided that
they might as well teach
the rest of their children how to sit
quietly and breathe.
The clans who established
a sitting practiced
were able to survive
long enough
to transmit their genetic
inheritance to subsequent
If you’re here,
it’s because your ancestors meditated.
Don’t ask if you can,
because you can.
It’s written in your DNA.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt encouraged us to write a creation story.

Spiritual Practice & Spiritual Perfection


Essential oils diffusing…
lavender, mandarin,
Roman chamomile,
sweet marjoram,
and frankincense,
and I am ready for sleep.
I’m musing at the idea of
spiritual maturity,
what this actually means.
It occurs to me
that letting go of control
and opening to the moment
is one indicator of someone
who is walking steadily
on the path.
Returning kindness for insult
is another,
and remaining positive
in the face of hunger,
fatigue, frustration
and annoyance–
yet another.
I’m musing at how
I can so clearly and easily
envision these qualities
of a spiritually mature person,
and how very difficult it is
to consistently embody them
and live them in everyday life.
It’s a good thing
that it’s called spiritual practice.
If spiritual perfection were called for,
the caller would get a very sore throat.

NaPoWriMo Day 13: Fortune Cookie Poem


There was a period of my life during which keeping each and every fortune from my fortune cookies–and those of other people’s cookies–was something I just HAD to do. I collected them in a sandwich bag and saved them for a journal project.  I think I might have gotten out a glue stick one day and started gluing fortunes wherever there was blank space in my journals.  Wait. Who am I kidding?  I still do this.  My husband thinks I’m nuts, so I’ll wait for him to take my son to the bathroom after dinner is over and then I’ll scoop the fortunes off the table and slip them into my wallet; the hubby is none the wiser and I don’t have to explain why my obsession is completely normal. Covert operation. Shhhh.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt caused a little eruption of my self-diagnosed mild OCD…because I couldn’t remember where I had glued any of the fortunes I kept over the years, and it has been a while since we have been to a Chinese restaurant.  But then I remembered THE INTERNET, and Google searched “fortune cookie images”…and found this gem:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.59.40 PM

Now granted, this would be perfect if only the grammar were correct.  If you don’t know what I mean, then check out this post by Grammar Girl.  I love her.

Anyway…now for a poem with the above sentiment as my inspiration…


When the world feels heavy on your shoulders
and your body is tense and tight
when your heart rate has increased
preparing you for fight or flight–
sometimes you just need
to lie on the floor.
Get a few blankets, a bolster,
an eye pillow and a few minutes,
and just lie down, right there on the floor.
Play some soft music
and diffuse some
(100% pure,
fair trade, certified organic,
ethically sourced, biodynamic,
therapeutic grade)
essential oil of lavender…
Roll up a blanket and place it under your neck,
roll up another and place that one under your knees,
and just lie down.
Put your eye pillow over your eyes,
stretch out and breathe.
When it seems like the whole world
has gone insane
and you don’t want to join
in that crazy game…
just lie down and breathe friend,
just lie down and breathe.


You’re Not a Cookie


Once my mom said to me
You’re not a cookie.
You’re not going to come
out of the oven all done.
We had been talking about life,
and how impatient I was to
get there, wherever “there” was.
I read tonight about a spiritual teacher
who shocked the audience saying
You will never get it all together.
I guess that this teacher also realized
that we aren’t cookies.

Our First Time


We’ve known each other since 2009
Met in spring, married in fall
we hadn’t known each other
very long at all before we had a baby.

Six years after meeting each other
now parents of two children
I the yoga teacher
got to finally be a student
alongside my husband tonight.

Before then, whenever I saw him in class
he was always my student,
following my instruction,
moving as I told him to move,
breathing as I told him to breathe.

But not tonight.
Tonight I was right beside him.
We sweated together,
moved together,
breathed heavily together.
I have to say,
thanks darling–
it was a great first time.

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 27: Hay(na)ku


Late April.
What the hell?

I just couldn’t help it. The weather hasn’t felt at all springlike to me, and I’m really missing that gentle spring warmth that makes this season my favorite. When I saw that the NaPoWriMo prompt for today encouraged us to write a tercet with only six syllables, I said to myself, “I know what I’m writing about.”