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What Will You Do?


Alright, so let’s say you’ve broken free
of all of the constraints of your past,
everyone’s ideas of who you should be,
the accumulation of the world’s tension
around being “right” and “wrong,”
and any residual hesitation seeping out
from your genetic or cultural
or religious or societal inheritance.
Let’s say that you’ve arrived in this moment
aware of your complete, total, and utter freedom,
to be, do, think and have anything your heart desires.
Knowing that you are completely free
and no one can hold you back,
now what will you do?

Ideas Are Enough


I woke up with an idea,
a face in my mind…
It took several minutes
to remember the name
that went with the face.
I reached out to this person for help.
At first I resisted doing this
but then I thought
I’m desperate, afterall,
so what do I have to lose?
I had prayed for new thoughts,
new ideas,
and it would be ungrateful of me
to not follow through
when the ideas finally come.
I haven’t heard back from the person.
Maybe nothing will come of this idea
but more ideas.
But wasn’t every great invention
first an idea?
Every great work of art,
every great performance,
every great experience—
weren’t these all ideas
before they were brought to fruition?
For now, there is nothing to do
but receive these ideas
and take action on them.
For now I will trust this is enough.

Ideas From a Way Too Tired Mom


This brain is tired.
It tells me I need to sleep.
I’m going to listen,
because I cannot write without its cooperation.

Floating in a drowsy haze,
my pillow calling to me from downstairs,
I soften around the need to be something good
and I just allow myself to be.

Good night, good night
May your remember your own true nature.


So I began writing a piece on the power of the advertising industry, our unconscious feelings of inadequacy, and the potential for developing the true and lasting contentment that exists far beyond the physical things we can amass during our life time.

And then I realized my brain was so tired that I simply couldn’t proceed.  I wanted to give the piece a chance to be more than me just getting my writing practice of the day over with.  I didn’t publish it because I wanted to do the idea justice.

So there’s a little sneak preview for you–at some point you’ll see me discussing the source of true contentment.  But for now, take pity on me and tell me to just go to bed for God’s sake.