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You are a Child of the Universe


You are a child of the universe,
unique in all the world.
There has never been,
nor will there ever be,
another exactly like you.

You were born
with unique talents and abilities.
Discovering what they are,
and learning
how to best share them with the world
is the reason you are here.
The world is longing to know you,
to receive the special gifts you bring.

So dig deep, child friend.
Open your mind, body,
heart, soul,
and life
to discovering and sharing your precious gifts.

Share them freely with the world,
bring light and love and hope to us.
Show us what is possible
in the realm of human potential.

Share your gifts so freely
that you empty yourself
of any fear, doubt,
or self-imposed limits.

And in the space you have made,
receive the gifts
that the world is longing to give you,
all of the abundance of the universe
placed in homage at your feet.

The Infinitely Creative Being


I set out on a journey of self discovery
wondering what makes me an individual,
and I end up
finding out who we all are,
how undeniably similar we are
at the core of being.

As I arrive closer to home
I see the idea of home stretching
far wider than this one little point in space
that my body occupies.

Who am I?
Not who I think I am,
because thought awareness is not being.
The being in me is far greater than thoughts
and seeks only to know itself
as formless, changeless, undifferentiated awareness
in the realm of differentiated, changing form.

I can let go
of the illusion of control
and the need to keep tabs
I don’t need to take every little thing personally

I dive into the infinite depths
of the ocean of being,
and suddenly…

No body, no personal stories, no name.

What my ego perceives as torture
followed by an agonizing death,
my true self sees as an opportunity to be free,
to know myself
as the infinitely creative being that I am.