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A New Path


And then it hit me…
The reason I can’t see the path ahead
is because I’m creating a new one.
Let me trust the forces that brought me here.
Let me tap into the deep source of awareness.
Let me be willing to step into the unknown
and allow myself to blossom
in the vast, open field of infinite possibilities.

No Turning Back


Giving isn’t pouring something precious
out of a bag that will soon be empty–
it is opening the door of your infinite heart space
and stepping into a wide open vista
where all thoughts, feelings, experiences
where all beings
are welcome.
In this place unfolds true healing,
true connection is sparked
lighting many candles with just one tiny flame.
The act of giving is a sacred act
so much more than a sandwich shared
or a few coins offered
or a cup of tea made
or an errand run…
when the heart door opens
there is initiation, ascension,
transformation, expansion.
The old skin of limitation is shed
and the infinite nature
of the true self emerges.
When the heart door opens
there is no turning back.

The Clear Blue Sky


Making space for all of it,
not just what we think we want
but everything we think we don’t want also.
When we make room for all of it,
there is no repression,
and no reason to explode.
Let yourself feel all of it–
the joy and the pain,
don’t hide.
Breathe in,
feel the fullness of this moment.
Let your heart expand enough
to hold the whole world,
you are not alone.
Breathe out,
send your blessings out
to all sentient beings everywhere,
no exception.
You are as vast as the clear blue sky.

Your Precious Self


Tell me who you really are,
beyond your name, your job, your possessions.

Tell me who you are beyond your family of origin,
your religion, your ethnicity, the color of your skin.

There is a self in you that stretches taller than the mountain peaks,
a self that dives deeper than the fathomless ocean depths.

This is the self I want to know.
Your precious self.
Your precious true, infinite self.
The one that I cannot see or hear or taste or smell.
The one that grieves not for the past and fears not for the future.
The self in you that is vast enough to hold the entire universe in its embrace–
This is the self I want to know.


As promised I am now posting my lengthier explorations and my poems separately. Tonight I wrote about making a practice of going inwards and getting to know the changeless self that exists beyond the world of change…do you have such a practice?  Do you want such a practice?

Tote #4

Reversible tote. On the left you see the exterior, on the right, the lining.

Reversible tote. On the left you see the exterior, on the right, the lining.

Yay! I finished my son’s tote tonight in record time. I’m getting really good at these things, and having so much fun making them. I might mention that I was plunging ahead at warp speed, trying to get it all done before dinner, proud of myself that I was remembering each step and being efficient–but then I realized I had forgotten the pocket, and had to stitch it in with more difficulty than if I had gotten the steps in the right order. Then, on the last step, I realized I hadn’t top-stitched the handles, so again, did this with more difficulty, because they were already attached to the bag.

Oh well. I named my other totes, so I’ll dub this one my “Think Before You Leap” tote. My son is not yet two and won’t care that the pocket isn’t perfectly symmetrical. It bothers me less than it would’ve one year ago. One year ago I was terrified to make sewing mistakes. Today, I’m allowing myself to learn from them and move on. Progress!

After the kids were settled in bed this evening, I was sewing away, making the final push to get the tote done, and I was struck at how calm, relaxed, and happy I was feeling. It’s so gosh darned fun to sit at the sewing machine with a project that I’m excited to work on, a project that is helping me to learn and progress with new skills. And then I had this thought that everybody should do something creative every day, something that is a unique expression of themselves. Whether it’s a few words in a journal, or strumming a guitar, or arranging some flowers, knitting a few rows of a scarf, doodling with crayons, whittling something out of wood–if everyone could tap into their creativity on a daily basis, what a wonderful world it would be.

I’m way into the idea of leading by example. After spending a good deal of my life being hardheaded and taking forever to realize that people really don’t want to be told what to do, it has finally sunk in that “being the change” I wish to see in the world is far more effective than anything else to effect positive change in the world around me.

So beginning with myself, tapping into my creativity every day, enjoying the creative process, living an inspired life, maybe the people around me will feel motivated to tap into their creativity. I really hope so, because what a gift it is to find things (even small things!) that bring us joy and then to do them. 

Time to meditate. To breathe, settle into stillness, and remember who I am beyond my body and my mind. Time to become absorbed in the unity of all there is, the inner space, the true self, the infinite ocean of consciousness. Time to bring my mind to focus, so that I may experience the presence beyond the thoughts. Time to try to stay awake for thirty minutes.

Oh beautiful beautiful life, thank you.