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The Space Between Terror and Peace


When faced with imminent homelessness
and being met with obstacle after obstacle
to securing a home for myself and my kids—
what real choice is there?
I can choose to be present and experience peace,
or I can choose to focus on the future
and feel terror.
The choice seems so easy, doesn’t it?
Just stay present. Just choose peace.
But then there is the reality of being human,
having been trained to avoid the present moment
for most of my life.
Yes, even as a yoga teacher,
even with my daily meditation practice
(over seven years now of daily meditation)
I still find it extraordinarily difficult
just to remain present.
There are so many ways I’ve learned
to just not be here. To just not feel.
I see that my body has been terrified for a long time,
perhaps since childhood…
perhaps I carry the terror of ancestors
struggling to survive,
a terror encoded in my genes
that no amount of therapy could cure.
My task becomes a reconditioning
of this body-mind,
to retrain my nervous system to udnerstand
that in this moment, I am safe.
In this moment, all is well.
Until I am able to gain more footing
on this path of peace,
I’ll need to be content with the space
between peace and terror,
and reconcile the one who is afraid
with the one who soothes, reassures, calms and holds.
God, let me find the One within me
that knows just what to do and what to say
to always bring me back home to the ground of being,
this moment where PEACE IS within me,
despite the chaos the swirls around on the outside.

A Miracle?


Suddenly it struck me
how good I was feeling.
Was it the bath I took
this afternoon,
or the forty minute rest
before the kids got off the bus?
Was it the fact that
I really enjoyed teaching
my students this evening?
Was it  the gorgeous, healthy food
I put into my body today?
Was it because
I moved my body
lots of ways this week?
no thought was bothering me.
I was looking out into the world
loving everything I saw.
Is this the miracle
I’ve been waiting for?

Can You Afford Not To?


Finally the house is quiet.
The day’s frantic energy settles
into the stillness of night
and I can sit in peace.
I light a candle,
take my seat.
It feels like I’ve come home.
I wonder who else
in this world
is meditating
in exactly this same moment.
I picture us all sitting,
candles lit,
quiet, breathing,
many of us,
spanning the globe.
When I picture the world
in this way,
I feel hopeful for our future.
It may be a small offering
but it’s one I make every day.
Who knows what fruits
a lifetime of sitting will bear?
I like to imagine
I’m contributing to peace
on this planet.
I like to imagine
that when enough of us
sit and find peace
within ourselves
even for just a minute
even for just a second
we will eventually reach
a critical mass…
and we will see
a global healing take place.
Would you like to join in
this movement
of peacemaking and
light bringing?
Can you afford not to?

The Universe Following in Your Footsteps


Numbers go up
and numbers go down
And still the sun rises and sets.
Just where does your security come from?
Every day,
the rocks,
the trees,
this planet
and we are a little bit older,
the weather always changing,
the waves of the ocean
going in and out,
everything always moving, shifting.
Just where does your sense of stability come from?
If you look to this world of impermanence
to help you feel safe, at home
you are bound to feel anxious.
The only constant you can count on
in this ever evolving universe…is change.
The good news is,
suffering is optional.
Be at home with yourself,
be still, go inside, look deeply.
Loving reality as it is
the war within is over.
Now you can go anywhere, everywhere,
and you are safe and secure
come what may.
You no longer need to wait to experience peace.
When you have found the peace inside yourself,
everything in the world
becomes a reflection of that.
You want security?
Know and love who you are.
The universe has no choice
but to follow in your footsteps.

Your True Peace


Impermanence reigns.
It’s when we fight the inevitable changes
that suffering comes.
The weather changes,
the planet changes,
our skin ages,
stars are born and then die–
who are we to think
it should be any different in our lives?
Accept the fact that everything you have
in the outer world
will one day be gone.
Accept it now.
And settle into the work
of knowing the changelessness
of your inner universe,
your true peace.

May We Abide in Peace


In this now
I am tired
my throat is sore from coughing
I wish I had something meaningful to say

This moment,
these feelings
are only temporary.

If I can settle into this moment,
If I can love it regardless
I will instantly connect
with that which is timeless

I will know the peace of being,
true inner peace,
the kind that cannot be bought or sold
given or taken away

May I abide in that peace
May we all abide in that pace