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Only This Moment


I have no idea
where I’ll be living
at this time next year.
But then again, really,
do any of us
have any idea?
We may think we know,
but that’s just a thought.
In the end,
we only have this moment.
Everything could change
in the blink of an eye.
So I’ll stop comparing myself
to those who you
who enjoy relative stability,
and remember
that all of us,
no matter how wealthy or how poor,
no matter how healthy or how sick,
no matter how young or how old,
all of us
only have this moment.

Growing Pains


I stand on the precipice of something new.

Behind me is the familiar,
and there are so many reasons to stay there,
to not take the risk of falling, of dying.

But to go back wouldn’t feel right.
I am not that person any more.
I am bigger than my fear of embarrassment
or failure or ridicule or misunderstanding,
and I have something to give to this world.

So I take another step forward,
and scared as hell,
I unfurl my wings.

Are they strong enough?
Will they hold me?
Will the wind bear me aloft?
Will I spin out of control?
Will I crash and burn?

Who knows,
but this not knowing is okay.
I cannot go back.
I am not that person anymore.

I am bigger than my fear.
And I have something to give to this world.


I am preparing a workshop–my very first–as a requirement of my 500 hour advanced yoga teacher certification.  Only two weeks until the workshop, and I am plagued by doubt, fear, insecurity.  I have taught yoga thousands of times, but for some reason a workshop feels so scary, the responsibility feels so heavy.  And yet I am deeply moved by the potential for my offering to benefit those who attend, and as the attendees transform even on the most minute levels, they in turn will aid in the transformation of many others. So in addition to feeling scared out of my mind, I am also feeling excited, humbled, and energized.