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Become Peace


I’m just wondering
when the day will come
that not one shred of anxiety
disturbs my peace,
from the time I wake up in the morning,
until the time I lay my head down at night.
How do I cultivate
unshakable peace?
How can I remember to breathe
slowly and deeply
all throughout the day
(and not just for the 30 minutes of morning meditation)?
How do I take the meditation with me,
so that I don’t just practice peace,
but I become peace?

Gardening and Life


Tending the garden today…
pulling weeds, watering,
I’m reminded how much of life
is just like gardening.
We can cultivate the good qualities
and eradicate the not so virtuous ones.
Is your garden full of weeds?
Do you want to make room for
stunning flowers to bloom?
How we garden reflects our personalities–
do you keep a wild cottage garden,
or do you like things neat and tidy and planned?
Just a little care can go a long way.
Plant the seeds of your dreams and intentions,
and give them your attention; nurture them.
And patiently, patiently, watch them grow.

You Will Not Fear


What is your intention?
Not just for such and such a situation
with so and so–
but what is your intention
for this one precious human life of yours?
Find out what it is,
let it emerge from your depths.
It’s not something contrived
but something uncovered,
as your focused awareness
pierces through the layers of illusion
to the shining divine self
at the center of your being.
Ask that self what your intention is,
and spend every waking moment
bringing it to fruition.
Living a life with purpose,
you will not fear for what comes after.