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Musings on New Year’s Eve


Ever since I can remember
I’ve mused about
how this particular time
has been made so special
by our species.
In the rest of the animal kingdom
creatures are going about their lives
just as they always have.
What do they care of
numbers on a clock,
numbers on a calendar?
Everything takes on the importance
that we assign to it.
Without the name “New Year”
this day would be as humble
as any other day.
A part of me feels amused
at all of the hullabaloo
we’ve made of the whole thing–
expensive dinners, champagne,
fireworks, masses of humans
waiting for a gigantic ball to drop…
And simultaneously
I cannot help
but let myself become swept up
in the current of excitement
over the New Year.
And so tonight I sat.
I chanted for all beings to find peace.
I imagined the planet
enveloped in lovingkindness,
the planet spinning
within my own heart.
Breathing in, I welcomed the whole universe,
breathing out I dissolved into space.
This normal, humble moment,
made extraordinary
by the importance we’ve assigned to it.

Solstice Wishes


And now
this hemisphere of the earth
begins to tilt
ever…so….s l o w l y
toward the sun.
Each day a little longer,
and the seeds we’ve planted
just waiting for the right conditions
to germinate and take root.
What seeds have you planted?
As I face the winter
and this time of waiting
my resolve is to be more patient
and more aware of what is here.
Little by little
my energies turn outwardly again,
and I feel this pull
to engage with the world,
with the light of awareness.
There is so much sweetness
in this time of waiting.
The mystery of life
is bubbling right there–
can you feel it?
Happy Solstice my friends.
May the seeds of your intentions
take route in the fertile soil
of your body-mind-spirit selves!