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No Matter The Weather


It feels like those I called friends
have withdrawn until the storm passes.
It feels like they are waiting
for me to be all smiles and sunshine again.
I have let them know the pain I’m in…
I’m sorry, they say,
I can’t imagine how difficult
this must be for you, they say.
But all the sentiments in the world
mean nothing
when they aren’t backed up
by something real.
And so I find myself asking
What is friendship anyway?
I find myself understanding
what is meant by the term
Fair weather friends.
I want to say to them
Yes, the storm will pass,
but don’t go looking for me
in the safety of the sunshine.
I’ll be miles from here,
in another land,
in another world,
a real world where
people are there for one another
no matter the weather.

Spiritual Practice & Spiritual Perfection


Essential oils diffusing…
lavender, mandarin,
Roman chamomile,
sweet marjoram,
and frankincense,
and I am ready for sleep.
I’m musing at the idea of
spiritual maturity,
what this actually means.
It occurs to me
that letting go of control
and opening to the moment
is one indicator of someone
who is walking steadily
on the path.
Returning kindness for insult
is another,
and remaining positive
in the face of hunger,
fatigue, frustration
and annoyance–
yet another.
I’m musing at how
I can so clearly and easily
envision these qualities
of a spiritually mature person,
and how very difficult it is
to consistently embody them
and live them in everyday life.
It’s a good thing
that it’s called spiritual practice.
If spiritual perfection were called for,
the caller would get a very sore throat.