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Not Knowing


We can’t possibly grasp
the entire scope of our own existence
but we sure do make ourselves miserable trying.
Instead of grasping, let’s try an experiment.
Let go.
See what happens
when you leave room for not knowing,
for being groundless,
for having no control.
Who do you become
in that open, mysterious place
of not knowing?

Watch What Happens


What would happen
if you could really trust
the unfolding of your life?
What if you could trust
the wisdom that is
already there within you?
Please understand,
this isn’t about
sitting back and doing nothing
and calling this trust…
But it is about tuning in
to the guidance deep within you
and letting that inner knowing
show you the way.
This deep knowing
has an understanding
that extends far beyond
the linear mindset
of our day to day minds.
This knowing can guide you
in your thoughts, words and actions
to meet the perfect unfolding
of this moment
as you show up
with your highest potential.
Spend a little time
in silence each day;
get to know the source
of your deep knowing.
Then watch what happens
as you listen to that wise voice;
watch what happens
as you trust
in the perfect unfolding
of this one precious life
that is yours.

The Way Things Are


Give life a chance to surprise you.
Follow your own star,
see where it leads you.
Everything is not what you think it is.
Drop your awareness deeper,
beyond what you think you know,
into the realms of your heart
and your gut.
This deeper listening
will open you to a world
that was always there,
but wasn’t available to you
because of the fortress of thinking
you built around you
to give you ground
in a groundless, eternal
experience of being.
Let go of any notion
of control, of a fixed reality,
of how things should be.
You might just be amazed
with things
the way that they are…

Amen Me


Catching my breath
hoping someone will catch me
my body is tired
and my mind…
but my soul wants me to awaken,
to be aware, to learn, grow
assimilate, integrate,
and then radiate the peace
of self-knowing.

I want rest.
I want to have the energy to create,
to write, sing, paint, play an instrument,
to sew
and to KNOW
that this is all how it was meant to be.

Amen me.

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 20: What I Know


The prompt for today over at NaPoWriMo.net asked us to write a poem based on what we know.  That gets heady for me.  How much do I know, how much do I think I know, and how will my not knowing hinder my growth?  I think I’ll stick to the basics.  Anything complex right now might fry my poor tired brain.

I know that I am a woman;
but is that true?
Yes, of course yes,
I gave birth to two children.
But does that make a woman?

I know that I am tired.
I know that when tired
the best thing one can do is rest.
I know that I want to finish this blog post
and I want it to make sense.

As my eyes struggle to stay open
the chances of my being understood
diminish quickly.
I know they are open now:
I’m staring at the screen.
Is it time to shake my head and go?

And what else do I know,
and what else do I not know?

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 4: Not Knowing


Ah, the internets.
I truly wanted to know that prompt
for NaPoWriMo day 4…
but after attempting to load the page
over four times,
no dice.
So now I’ll write a poem
about not knowing…

Not knowing…
Knowing that I don’t know
opens a doorway to learning.
It’s when we assume we know
and attempt to paint reality
all of the colors of our own perception
that we block our understanding
and miss the subtle ways
that life is leading us back home to oneness.
Admit you don’t know, my friend,
and then stand back
as your heart opens
and your mind shines
and the whole world lies laughing at your feet.

The Great Mirror of Existence


These days
when energy seems scarce
and the demands placed on it
seem to be increasing,

I am grateful for little moments of rest,
of non-action,
of just being in this moment
and savoring what I have.

I don’t need to understand every single thing.
If I have one purpose in this life,
it is to awaken to this moment
and to love it with all of my being.

If I profess to understand anything,
then doesn’t my understanding
cover the essence of now
in a mask of presumption?

I presume to know nothing
and allow myself to see like a child.

Knowing that I don’t know,
my eyes are bright and open
and I look,
heart beating
lungs breathing,
into the great mirror of existence.