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I’m Home


Nothing is ever still.
Even window glass is liquid,
although it flows at a pace
far too slow for our eyes to detect.
And our eyes…
they only see certain wavelengths of light.
Our ears…
they only hear certain frequencies of sound.
When I remember
that I simply do not have the faculties
to grasp the inifinite nature
of what is really happening,
I can deep a breath,
take a step back,
and recognize
that the thing I call a “problem”
is just another play of phenomena
in this ever changing world of form.
As I relax around the many plays of form,
I can tune into what is formless in me.
And then…I’m home.

Now That You Know


If, suddenly, all limitations were removed,
Who would you be?
Where would you go?
What would you see?
What would you say?
What would you do?
As we walk this path of awakening
it begins to dawn on us
that all limitations are self-imposed.
What if you could confront the thoughts
that you aren’t enough,
the people in your life aren’t enough,
life isn’t enough?
What if you realized that
right in this moment you do, in fact,
hold all of the ingredients within you
necessary to create a happy, fulfilled life?
What if you could sense
very profoundly
how completely life supports you
in becoming the person you want to be?
Let’s try an experiment.
Let’s assume, for one moment,
that we have access
to our awakened consciousness
and all of the blessings that arrive
in such a state of awareness.
Be still, go inwards and really look.
What is possible for you now
that you know who you are?