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Just Now


Just now,
in this moment,
what problem is there?
No, not the one in your mind,
the one that is being hashed out
a million different ways…
But right now,
in this moment,
what problem is there?
The only problems that exist,
exist only in your mind.
If you zoom out
way out
far out
away from yourself,
you might look in
and see a human,
right here, in this moment,
reading these words.
You might notice,
that in this moment,
just now,
everything really is fine.

Letting Go


What does it mean to let go?
It means setting down
goals and agendas
and opening to this moment.
How do we do this?
First we recognize
that we have been attempting
to further our own interests,
gritting our teeth,
pushing against reality,
trying so hard to make things happen
according to our idea of how they should be,
holding onto expectations
until we are white knuckled and exhausted.
Then we choose to stop
this stressful way of being.
We take a deep breath and let go.
Some might say that letting go
is giving up,
but I say it’s an opening to peace.
With such clarity
we intuitively know what is to be done.
This kind of surrender
makes available our most precious resources.
If you find yourself stressed
and anxious about something,
ask yourself where you are at war with reality,
and if you’re ready for it
choose peace instead.
Choose to let go.

Healing Work


When I tell myself the story
that my nose shouldn’t be running,
my throat shouldn’t be hurting,
my body shouldn’t be draggy and heavy,
I shouldn’t be sneezing…
and then my nose runs,
my throat hurts,
my body is draggy and heavy,
and I sneeze–
then I am miserable.
Inwardly I wail about my fate,
being caught in illness,
made to slow down,
missing out on doing the work I love.
Without the thought
that I shouldn’t be feeling this way,
I would be me, sitting in bed,
fingers tapping letters
on a keyboard,
almost ready for bed,
feeling grateful for my warm home,
my children sleeping safe and sound,
my husband watching TV,
just me here,
counting my blessings.
Feeling this way
and trying to stay awake
through the process of healing
sure is a lot of work!

I Am the Peace


If I want to terrify myself,
let me try to anticipate the future.
Let me believe the thought
that this moment isn’t enough,
and let me reach into a place
that cannot be reached
and attempt to exert control
over that which cannot be controlled.
If I want to be sane, at peace,
let me open my eyes to this moment.
Let me look around
and with a grateful heart
allow myself to be breathed by life.
In this moment
there is nothing that I need.
In this moment
all is well.
In this moment
I am the peace I have always wanted.

Nothing But Here


Throughout the day
I’d catch myself in thought–
shock, disbelief, anxiety
for the future.
Then I’d wake myself up,
realize I was here in my home,
safe and warm.
I ate a lunch of grilled cheese
and tomato soup,
I sewed a flannel nightgown for my mom,
fabric printed with
I love Grandma
repeated hundreds of times.
I’d be there sewing
happily along
and the thoughts would come,
and again the shock, the disbelief,
and the anxiety…
and again I’d wake myself up
to reality…
Just here now,
no problem
to be solved,
no worry,
no fear.
When all is said and done,
it’s better right here.
When all is said and done,
there is nothing but here.

More Work to Do


I have been investigating my thinking
for a good while now,
telling myself the story
that I will someday be free.
But freedom is simply another story.
If I perceive myself to be imprisoned,
I am,
whether I am in a real jail cell,
or simply locked up
in the dark places of my mind.
Tonight, I remind myself of this Work.
I am a lover of reality,
all of it,
not just when everything is going my way.
And so regardless of the outcome,
I promise myself
to look deeply into my own thinking.
If I perceive anything other than peace,
then I have still more Work to do.

Observing the Perfection


After going and and going
and trying and trying
and wanting and wishing
and regretting and fixing
and pushing and pulling
negotiating and resisting
and persevering and persisting
achieving and believing
failing and wailing
delaying and replaying…
I’ve come to realize
that all I’ve been seeking
and all I’ve been wanting
is what I already have,
is who I already am.
And so I settle into
a quieter version of myself…
one who sits, listens,
waits and watches,
observing the perfection
of this unfolding,
ever evolving universe.

Sacred Ground


When you stop judging
what you see in the outer world
as problematic, broken,
less than ideal,
and insufficient,
so much energy is freed up
to see what is wonderful
about this world, this life.
The problem is never out there,
it is always found in our own thinking.
Once we bring our thoughts to inquiry,
the towering monoliths of our concepts
and the shrines we built to our sacred beliefs
come crashing down around us…
but not in a violent way.
They come crashing down
the way autumn leaves come crashing down–
softly, silently, one by one,
creating the most beautiful,
colorful nourishment
for our sacred ground.

The Universe Following in Your Footsteps


Numbers go up
and numbers go down
And still the sun rises and sets.
Just where does your security come from?
Every day,
the rocks,
the trees,
this planet
and we are a little bit older,
the weather always changing,
the waves of the ocean
going in and out,
everything always moving, shifting.
Just where does your sense of stability come from?
If you look to this world of impermanence
to help you feel safe, at home
you are bound to feel anxious.
The only constant you can count on
in this ever evolving universe…is change.
The good news is,
suffering is optional.
Be at home with yourself,
be still, go inside, look deeply.
Loving reality as it is
the war within is over.
Now you can go anywhere, everywhere,
and you are safe and secure
come what may.
You no longer need to wait to experience peace.
When you have found the peace inside yourself,
everything in the world
becomes a reflection of that.
You want security?
Know and love who you are.
The universe has no choice
but to follow in your footsteps.

Who Would You Be?


Who would you be
without the story
There is something wrong 

this moment
your body
your partner
your family
your boss
your colleagues
this world?

You would be yourself,
in this moment,
free to experience life
as it is right now.

What would you do
with all that freedom?
If you want what is,
you live in an endless
state of grace.

Ask yourself,
Do I want to be right
or do I want to be free?

If you see nothing as broken
then there is nothing
that needs to be fixed.

Who would you be
if you loved life
as it is right now?