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Today Is A Good Day


It’s his 40th birthday today,
and I pretended
that my whole entire life
hadn’t been torpedoed
almost a year ago.
I had the kids make cards for him.
I took them to REI and
we got a present for him,
a colorful Eno hammock
and strong Atlas strapping
to enjoy peaceful moments
swinging and relaxing
surrounded by color and light.
I texted him and wished him well.
I sat in meditation and prayed for him.
I woke up and mentally sent him
the phrases of metta,
May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
I meant it.
I think my spiritual practice
is bearing fruit,
and I’m happy to be released
from my anger and sadness.
Today is a good day.

Stay Open


Your heart wants to share itself with the world.
Plan to keep it open.
You don’t have to say or do a thing
that can be measured by science
or quantified by mathematicians–
just keep your heart open.
Let in what needs healing, blessing,
shifting, transforming.
Send out waves of kindness,
of compassion, of sincere wishes
for the well-being of all.
As you pass by others on the street,
mentally send them the thought,
“May you be happy.”
As you drive by others in their cars,
“May you reach your destination safely.”
Think of those who need help,
and mentally send it to them
in whatever form help is needed.
If you don’t know what help is needed,
silently say,
“May you receive the help you need.”
Believe that they will receive the help they need.
Your faith will be infinitely more helpful
than your doubt, so doubt not.
There are millions of ways
to see how your living presence
blesses and heals this world
that needs you.
Don’t over think it.
Just keep your heart open.