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Can You Feel Me?


A white magnolia called to me
from across the balcony
she said
break me
I did
I breathed in her essence
which attracted the attention
of my students
those closest to me
after the first two
I said
pass it around
and I watched her
in her white purity
passed around the room
giving of her essence
so unquestioningly
she breathed
and we all breathed with her
there is no lack
only this moment
can you feel me?

April Snow

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It’s too late in the year for snow to be falling
But somehow as we left the restaurant to go back home tonight
That’s just what was happening.

Driving home in driving snow, visibility low,
it could’ve been January or February.
My seat warmer on, heater blasting,
wishing for gloves? In April?
Oh, the humanity!

Someone give Mother Nature the memo.
It’s spring, and it’s supposed to be warm.
The 70 degree days flow into 50 degree nights.
That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?

In spring I look forward to sitting on the porch and sipping tea
Or watching my children dig in the dirt of the back yard.
But not today…no, the rains came steady and unrelenting
And in the evening the rain gave way to snow.
Oh no!

The ivy my husband planted in the hillside
will be crying for mercy tonight
as the cold weaves its frozen fingers
into delicate cell walls newly rehydrated
Who knew the temps would fall to 27 degrees–in April?
Will the ivy survive?
I’m just glad to be inside. Alive.

I’m grateful for warmth and shelter.
Isn’t this the kind of thought I should be having in December?
Ah well, it’s April and it’s snowing.
Certainly a spring I will remember…

On the heels of the daffodils blooming
and the pink saucer magnolias unfurling,
cherry blossoms reveal their delicate centers.
Stretching across the emerald green seas of neighbors’ lawns,
forsythia hedges burst bright like yellow curtains.

And now snow fall, in April,
to remind us nothing is certain.

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