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The Most Potent Medicine


All of a sudden,
I gave myself permission
to be happy,
to heal.
I decided
to learn how to tolerate
feeling good,
to raise my threshold
for success.
I chose
to stop holding myself back,
making excuses.

I had given myself
the most potent medicine there is:


Life By Life


Being a friend to myself.
Loving myself despite my imperfections.
Laughing at the absurdity of genetics,
biology, habit, and ingrained response.

It lies in opening my arms and my heart fully
to this moment as it presents itself,
to ME, as I present myself…

And it is found in breathing deeply and slowly,
welcoming this moment
molecule by molecule,
breath by breath,
word by word,
sound by sound,
action by action,
life by life.

A Prayer for the Angry


A prayer
for those who struggle with anger,
coming from a woman
who deals with anger
more than she cares to admit,
but at least you can rest assured
that this comes from an authentic place
of direct experience–
how else would I know
how to speak about it?

Today let my fuse
grow one fraction of an inch longer,
that for one fraction of a second
I might pause
and remember
that I am not this
heavy feeling that wants to consume me,
wildfire in a drought ridden-forest.
Let the fires be soothed
in the cooling rain of compassion.
And when I come back to myself,
let me be just a little more forgiving,
that I might extend lovingkindness
to myself and others,
and in healing myself,
create the conditions
for healing the world.

Meet Your Demons With Great Love


When the resistance is gone, so are the demons.  –Pema Chodron

What you resist, persists.
What you open to,
what you look at,
what you accept
integrates and dissipates
back into the great unknown
from whence it came.
All the parts of yourself
that you’d rather not acknowledge–
the painful memories
the sadness, the pettiness,
the rage, the resentment
the fear,
the grief…
these are your greatest friends!
They show you where
love is needed most.
Walk straight up to your inner demons.
Put an arm around them,
say, “I love you.”
Poof! Most will vanish
because they have served their purpose.
Some demons will be particularly
persistent, like they’ve taken up
residence in
your mind/body/heart/soul/life
and will never leave.
Those persistent ones need your love too.
Hold all these pieces with tenderness.
Watch them soften and melt.
Let them flow back into your heart as
you breathe in,
relieved to have finally come home.

Ready for Connection


Start with yourself 
This is the only place
You are the only one

Look in

You don’t need a mirror

glued to a wall

to see yourself.

Look at the mirror inside.

Begin with a sense

of unconditional kindness

and genuine compassion

for the tender-hearted one in you

who sometimes hurts,

who sometimes feels great joy.

Begin with yourself.

Feel how you would never

abandon yourself,

never give up.

Feel this in the depths of your being.

Yes, now you’re ready 

to show up for someone else,

to be kind, to be compassionate.

Now you are ready 

for authentic connection.

Love Yourself Regardless


It’s easy to think highly of yourself
when you’re feeling good
looking good
and everything is going your way.
It’s easy to like the person that you are
when you’re perceiving yourself as successful,
But what happens when the opposite true?
What do you think of yourself
when you’re feeling terrible,
looking terrible
and nothing is going your way?
How do you feel about the person that you are
when you see yourself as a failure
True self-love means
that we can hold ourselves with tenderness
through thick and thin,
that we can be kind to ourselves
even when we’ve blown it,
when we’ve lost it,
when we’re down in the dumps.
This too is a practice.
Cultivating maitri–
feeling unconditional kindness towards yourself,
offering genuine friendliness
to the person you are right now,
this is a most excellent skill.
It is a lifelong journey,
like a good marriage.
And like a good marriage,
it requires forgiveness,
and openness to the great mystery.
If you do no other thing
in this lifetime
except learn how to truly love yourself,
it will be a life well-lived,
because this true love felt within,
can then be radiated as true love
to all beings, lightening the burden of others,
showing them how to be loving as well.
Don’t delay.
Begin again and yet again
as many times as it takes
until one day
you can love yourself