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A Long Intermission


I was looking everywhere else
except for where I
really needed to be looking:
within myself.
Once I slowed down,
and chose to love myself
exactly as I am,
all the scenery came tumbling down
and for one moment I saw
the actors getting ready
for the second act.
They seemed really pressed for time
until I let them know
it was an audience of just one
and I’m going to need a long intermission.

Thoughts on Plants


Gardening as a metaphor…
Wherever you see the word “plants”
read “thoughts.”
I went out in search of some new plants today.
I came upon scores of them,
glowing like jewels, beckoning me
to gaze upon their beauty.
They were healthy, colorful,
well tended.
I brought some home.
I pulled the weed plants
out of my garden,
and removed the plants
I had been trying to nurture
but which simply did not fare well
where I had placed them.
At first it pained me to pull the old plants up,
for they were still alive,
even if they were struggling
and looking scraggly.
But then I remembered,
These plants will return to the Earth Mother.
Their fate is not so bad.
And these beautiful new plants,
let me give them a chance to flourish.
Let me try again to see new growth
reach toward its potential,
its fullest expression of beauty.
My plants have a lot to teach me.
Life has a lot to teach me.

The Fine Line


There is a very fine line
between sanity and craziness,
an even finer line between
joy and sadness.
Maybe, actually,
there is no line,
but the two seemingly disparate polarities
in this dichotomy we’ve created
begin to blur together,
the way watercolor paint
forms beautiful swirls
and billowing clouds of color
as the tinted water spreads
across the paper and pools
in vibrant density here and there,
mesmerizing and confusing
as the boundaries disappear
and a dreamy union emerges,
oneness, totality of vision,
overwhelming and painful and sweet.
Swimming in the quick spinning center
whirlpool of our own spreading joy and sadness
painted in our own shades of craziness and sanity
it’s hard to see the whole picture.
But if we take a step back
–or if a loved one steps in
and lifts us up
and opens our eyes–
we might see the gorgeous result
of all of this blending,
this uncertainty
this inability to define
this nonexistence of the fine line…