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Can You Feel Me?


A white magnolia called to me
from across the balcony
she said
break me
I did
I breathed in her essence
which attracted the attention
of my students
those closest to me
after the first two
I said
pass it around
and I watched her
in her white purity
passed around the room
giving of her essence
so unquestioningly
she breathed
and we all breathed with her
there is no lack
only this moment
can you feel me?

Not My Problem


Today I think about forgiveness.
I think about healing.
I remember the phrase
Let go or be dragged.
I pray for the strength to forgive.
I ask about the purpose of this pain.
I wonder what my feelings
want to teach me.
I want it all to change.
I wonder if healing happens
not in spite of
the feelings.
I ask for the strength
to allow myself to feel
whatever is arising in this moment.
I wonder if I have the resolve to keep going.
Just who exactly grieves the loss
of the one who never knew or loved the true me?
The logical one is glad he’s done…
he won’t be my problem anymore.

Request for Your Input!


Hi friends, I’m thinking of writing an ebook and would like some help narrowing down my topic.  Could you tell me what your biggest question is regarding health, wellness, fitness, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and spirituality?  Please leave your question or any thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Deep breaths and trust,


Freedom (Happy Inter-dependence Day)


like any experience,
is a mindset.
What does it mean to be free?
Without attachment to specific outcomes,
your mind is free to take in this moment
just as it is.
This is not complacency;
this is clarity.
A mind that is free
has a clear space within it,
elevating our perception and
moving us to rise up and meet
the evolutionary needs of the moment.
Is your mind free?
Freedom is one breath away.
Happy inter-dependence day,
my fellow evolutionaries.