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Come Back Home


Today so much thought
was given to the near miss
I recently experienced,
in which I was preparing myself
to invest $2000 in an online program
that was marketed brilliantly
by site designers, videographers,
and “entrepreneurs” who appeared
in beautiful video interviews
in which they offered the most glowing reviews
of the program
with perfect lighting, hair, and makeup.
All interviews were filmed in beautiful homes
in classy places like:
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
a gorgeous old city in Slovenia
and some beautiful beach in California…
those entrepreneurs are clearly
living the dream life.

I consider myself to be a smart gal,
but boy was I hooked!
To wake up each day SO EXCITED
because I have tapped into my power,
learned how to market myself
and put myself in the position to deliver
my precious gifts
to my target audience and
impact their lives in a deeply positive way…
to believe in my gifts and talents,
and to derive a sense of purpose from sharing them…
to be supported
in letting go of self-limiting beliefs
by a glowingly successful community,
to be given an individualized action plan
for bringing my lucrative business into being,
to be coached through the process,
this is purportedly what the program would do
for anyone who “put in the work.”
A road map for success.

I was lit up,
I was going to do this.
In February I was going to join
a group of brilliant individuals
living on the cutting edge of innovation
and finally live my dream.

And then it happened.
I shared my excitement with my husband,
whose face fell,
and whose mouth was mostly silent,
until he dredged up some GOMI* threads
and revealing reviews from the other side,
rare reviews that managed to get published
and remain in the public domain…
rare because they spoke another story.
A story of disappointment
about an expensive product
that doesn’t really deliver much
A curriculum that hasn’t been updated in years
a MLM platform hidden in the language
of “finding yourself”
Affiliates with a frighteningly broad reach
offering endorsements of the program’s creator
on TV shows…

I kept digging…
and as my plan
to pay someone
to help me awaken
to my full potential
began to fade from my consciousness,
something else emerged.

This was the voice that said,
You have all you need within you,
now, in this moment, to be happy.
You don’t need to change a thing.

Isn’t it such a relief to come back home?


*Get Off My Internets…an actual website

Back to the Drawing Board


Upon further research I discovered
that the business school I mentioned last night
is not what I thought it was.
There is some disappointment,
but mostly relief,
that I won’t be enrolling in the training,
Won’t become a member of
“a large community of entrepreneurs”
who would purportedly support me in my creative endeavors
and provide suggestions for building my business.

But when the entrepreneurs end up being
affiliate marketers who get paid $1000
every time they refer someone who joins,

I can recognize that this is not the kind
of entrepreneurial spirit that my soul craves.

It also helps to have a very logical,
hardworking, down to earth husband
who can smell a MLM scheme
from a mile away.

It’s not like I would’ve plunked down
$2000 without first discussing it with the hubby,
but the marketing was brilliant,
and I thought I was going to learn
how to construct an in-home business,
be a better mom, wife
be more patient, enthusiastic about life,
feel freer, more artistically alive.

Wouldn’t YOU join if you thought
the training would deliver such happiness?

I was getting close to signing up,
and my husband smelled something fishy.
Together we researched the school online,
and rediscovered that things aren’t always what they seem.
Together we took a stand.
No get rich quick plans
No too good to be true claims
No beautifully filmed testimonials
designed to get me wanting something I don’t have.

All of the power is within, and all the love–
no need to search for it outside.

I think I dodged a bullet this time.
Back to the drawing board, my friends.