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Just Now


Just now,
in this moment,
what problem is there?
No, not the one in your mind,
the one that is being hashed out
a million different ways…
But right now,
in this moment,
what problem is there?
The only problems that exist,
exist only in your mind.
If you zoom out
way out
far out
away from yourself,
you might look in
and see a human,
right here, in this moment,
reading these words.
You might notice,
that in this moment,
just now,
everything really is fine.

At the Beginning


We’re always at the beginning,
so let’s get started.
There is nothing to finish,
there is no end,
only this moment,
waiting for us to start
and start again.
And this is the beauty of it,
the spaciousness of always beginning.
There is no pressure to be a master,
no perfection to aspire towards
when perfection is all there ever is.
The imperfections are part of the perfection,
just as night is contained in day
and sadness in joy.
There is nothing you can lack;
here at the beginning
you sense the enormity
of your wide open potential
streaming from your innocent heart
beating, always now,
at the beginning.

Just Now, Good Enough


Each of us,
every single one of us
has the potential to awaken.
We all have what it takes
to open our eyes and hearts,
to expand our mindsĀ and souls
awakening to the truth
of this one moment.
You don’t need to be
anyone other than who you are now.
You don’t need to change.
Just now, in this moment
you can pause from the busyness
and look up at the clear blue sky.
You can breathe and remember
who you are.
Just now, you are good enough.

No Escape


Here we are.
It is the present moment
and there is no escape.
As much as our minds
might try to convince us otherwise,
there is no past and no future–
there is only this moment
and there is no escape.
Isn’t it a relief to finally arrive,
standing here with your whole self
in this one inescapable moment?
Terrifying and sweet all at once
knowing that all we ever were
all that we are now
and all that we ever will be
are all one, unified as this one totality,
this one present moment,
Turn and face your fear.
When you can see beyond
the story you painted on top of it,
you’ll be able to touch
the raw energy
of it all.
It is in this tender place
that we can connect with all beings.
We can remember that we were never disconnected,
never alone
realizing that there is only ever
this one moment
and there is no escape.

This Moment is for Being


more phone poetry

Still no wifi.

The router hasn’t arrived,
but now that I mention it,
have I?

Have I arrived in this moment,
looked around,
there is no other moment but now?

I can’t expect myself
to abide in such bliss always
Life has ways of pulling me from center
But noticing this
I need not grow bitter
when my mind says
Things should be better.”

When I arrive in my center
I can see
I am not my mind
or these thoughts
or these things–

I can see,
when I strip away my story,
that I am just me
and this moment is just for being.