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See What Happens


When you decide to live in the mystery,
nothing is predictable.
One day goes smoothly,
the next full of obstacles.
When you decide to leave the safety of routine
and give your life over to some greater purpose,
only surrender and trust will do.
It is a death of sorts…
familiarity makes way for chaos,
and this is a good thing.
The moment your whole life falls apart,
this is the beginning of your journey
to realizing your fullest destiny.
Take heart;
there are others who have gone before you,
you are not alone.
Take a deep breath,
walk to the edge and jump.
You will grow wings and fly,
you will be caught by some gigantic gentle hands,
or you might be smashed to bits on the rocks below.
Whatever happens, new life awaits…
so don’t wait.
Dive, dive into the mystery,
and see what happens.

Not Knowing


We can’t possibly grasp
the entire scope of our own existence
but we sure do make ourselves miserable trying.
Instead of grasping, let’s try an experiment.
Let go.
See what happens
when you leave room for not knowing,
for being groundless,
for having no control.
Who do you become
in that open, mysterious place
of not knowing?

No Fear, Just Possibility


We are supposed to be different
from one another
so why do we all go about
trying to make everyone the same?
And why do we need others
to think like we do
act like we do
and look like us
in order to feel comfortable with ourselves?
Doesn’t this sound absurd?
And yet, this is what we do.
We fear what we don’t understand–
and our understanding stems
from familiarity.
How about we try something different?
What if we embraced the mystery?
When we can drop our attachment
to what we think we know
and what we think is right
then we can look up into the night sky
and breathe in the infinite space
of the starry world.
Then, no fear–
just possibility.

Let There be Space in My Mind


Is there room left in my brain for inspiration?
Not if I think I have all of life figured out,
but if I take a moment to admit to not knowing,
now I have the chance to experience what is.

It is the mystery, the unknowable,
that gives me a reason to keep traveling
down this road that is sometimes
bumpy, twisty and turny,
sometimes flat and smooth as silk.
Let there be space in my mind
for the experience of this moment,
without the need to evaluate, judge,
or question why.

I am here to awaken,
Let there be space in my mind for this.