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New Year, SAME You


New year, SAME you.
Because the you
you’ve always been
is good enough,
so why would you want
a new one?
Plus, how could you possibly
have a NEW you?
Are you going to clone yourself?
I think not!
You were born YOU,
and YOU you will always be.
So let’s celebrate the New Year,
and the same you.
Because you’re awesome already,
and you deserve to be celebrated.
Here’s the secret:
You don’t need to do anything to be worthy.
You don’t have to change something,
fix something,
lose something,
gain something,
learn something,
or prove something
to be worthy of being here.
You were born,
and here you are,
completely worthy.
I dare you to
trash those resolutions,
take a deep breath,
throw your arms open wide
and say,
There now,
doesn’t it feel good?


Dedicated to fellow yoga teacher Pack Your Mat, who wrote this post about embracing yourself and your body just as you are, and dumping the ideas that you have to change anything at all about yourself as you enter this new year.  LOVED IT.


If I Had to Choose a Resolution


If I had to choose a resolution,
it would be this:

I resolve
to breathe more deeply today
than I did yesterday.
I resolve
to remember to consciously breathe
before speaking
or taking action of any kind.
I resolve
to stop trying so hard
to improve myself.
I resolve
to free myself
from the prison of self-improvement
so that I can have the space to dance
right now
with the beauty,
the peace,
the gentleness,
the utter joy that is
my true self,
the self that you are,
the self that we are all together,
the self that is perfect oneness
in this moment