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NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 12


I had fun with this one, friends! If you haven’t created a triolet before, try it out. Here’s the NaPoWriMo prompt for the day. And here is my triolet…🌱

A Triolet For A Spring Evening

Because it is dusk and the light is receding
I’ll speak my heart quickly and be on my way.
I never told you what I was really needing
because it is dusk and the light is receding
and any words you speak may be misleading…
You appear much different in the light of day.
Because it is dusk and the light is receding
I’ll speak my heart quickly and be on my way.


Good and Evil


I began the day in prayer,
turning it over,
asking God for guidance.
I felt good, knowing
everything would be ok.
The morning sun
gilded every leaf on the trees outside my window
and the autumn sky was a powdery blue
so soft it nearly broke my heart.
I moved and moved and moved more stuff
from my old house into my new.
I worked and worked and worked.
By evening my mind was worn,
my temper was hot
and I didn’t want to do one more thing for anybody.
Then I wondered if the struggle between good and evil,
darkness and light,
was really a stuggle between
the fresh mind of a person newly awakened
and the tired mind of a person ready for sleep…

Full-spectrum Human Being


I sit here tired at the end of the day
and it feels like I don’t have much to say
to inspire or uplift or heal or comfort…
I’m just grateful for the quiet,
the sound of the night symphony,
insects whirring and buzzing,
the whoosh of an occasional car passing by,
a neighbor’s music floating in from somewhere.
. . . . . . . . . . .
I ask myself if I shouldn’t write these poems earlier,
when I first wake up
and the day is bright with promise
and I’m simply glad to be alive
and I still have energy to dream of what might be.
And which Lorien is really me?
The fresh, first thing in the morning meditator
or the tired single mother,
grateful that summer is almost over?
. . . . . . . . . . .
They’re both me of course,
but somehow the morning me
seems more desirable
than this tired, nighttime me who has been
completely used up by this day.
I suppose I need to hear from both of them,
because I am a full-spectrum human being,
because we are all full-spectrum human beings,
but sometimes we forget that the darkness
is just as relevant as the light,
and the movement of morning
isn’t necessarily more valuable than the stillness of night…

Night Life of a Single Mom


I am so tired
I feel it in my bones.
I’d love some energy for me
now that day is done,
time to write, to think,
to dream about what is to come.
But with kids in bed
I’m so out of my head tired
all I have the energy to do
is brush my teeth
and get to bed myself.
What a party animal I’ve become!
This is when the old thoughts return,
and I have to fight
to keep them from taking hold again.
I pray for rest, for blessed
deep sleep,
for tomorrow is coming soon
and I have promises to keep.

Better That Way


I wake up anxious
and it isn’t yet the middle of the night.
Ah, it’s going to be a long one.
Two hours later
and still sleep hasn’t come.
I close my eyes,
I hope and hope for respite.
I look at the time,
each hour crawling by
so slowly it’s painful.
The morning comes finally.
I take my seat,
dive into my practice,
find enough of my Self
to act like everything is okay
when he leaves the house early
without telling me why.
I ask no questions.
It’s better that way.

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 2: Except Infinity


They are the reason
I love the desert at night,
why I long to be free
of the city’s blaring lights.

They comfort me
in the most mysterious way;
My longing to see them
haunts me by day.

The closest one to us
gives us all life,
though we often forget it
absorbed in our strife.

Kind eyes peer
through the midnight sky,
offer warmest regards
and never ask, “Why?”

They hold the memory
of the ancestral dance
and their beautiful movement
invites me to chance
A daring belief that between the stars and me
there is nothing at all
except infinity.


Yeah, so, I’m not a rhymer, but for some reason I thought I’d goof around a bit tonight. It’s helpful to not take myself too seriously…some pretty wonderful things happen when relaxation takes the place of rigid expectation.  May all beings know happiness.

Sit at Night


When the last shred of energy is gone
and it’s time to surrender to the relief of sleep
Let the mind empty itself
and make space,
become buoyant,
as a ship that crossed the sea
with heavy cargo
and has reached the other side
finds itself suddenly empty and light.

Sit at night.
Let the cares of the day slip away.
Make space.
Make space for the new day to come.

In the Presence of a Friend


The starlight falls silently on my cushion
and the night breeze wanders in through my window.
A friend sits with me tonight,
a dear friend whose physical self is normally thousands of miles away
but whose spirit is always near.
Tonight she sits with me
and together we practice going inwards.
From time to time I hear the neighbors being noisy with each other,
the call of a child, a dog barking, the crickets’ night music,
and sometimes there is just silence.
In that place of stillness and silence, the awareness arises within me.
The awareness that I am not who I think I am,
I just am.
Why is it so much easier to come back home to myself
in the presence of a friend?

Dervishes, Meditation, Metta

Dervishes, Meditation, Metta


You have heard of the ocean of nonexistence.
Try continually to give yourself to that ocean.

Every workshop has its foundations
set on that emptiness.

The master of all masters works with nothing.
The more such nothing comes into your work,
The more the presence will be there.

Dervishes gamble everything.
They lose and win the other,
The emptiness which animates this.

We have talked so much.
Remember what we have not said.

And keep working.  Laziness and disdain
Are not devotions.  Your effort
Will bring a result.

As dawn lightens, blow out the candle.
Dawn in in your eyes now.

–Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks, A Year With Rumi, p 75)

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I was barely able to stay awake through my evening meditation.  My body and my mind are tired, so tired.  It is 10:30 pm, and soon I will close my eyes on this day.  I look forward to the sweet surrender of sleep, grateful for a comfortable bed in a safe home with a family that I treasure beyond words.

Day by day I feel my self returning to me.  I didn’t know when I had lost it, but as it comes back, I realize how much I’ve been missing, how much I’ve been suffering in its absence. Any number of things could be contributing to this shift…but… I think the antidepressant medication is working.  I’ll keep taking it.

When I open my eyes in the now of tomorrow, I hope that my body and mind will feel refreshed, so that I may teach a yoga class that meets the needs of my students.  I hope that I will carry peace with me back to my children, and enough inner lightness and space that I might appreciate their beauty, their glowing innocence, their spontaneity.  More than the things I can give them, what I want most to give to them is my presence, just being…I want them to see that it is possible to just be.  To appreciate the nothing pregnant with everything.  But maybe this is what they are teaching me?

And now for a little metta, lovingkindness, sent out into the world in all directions:

May all beings be free from danger.
May all beings have mental happiness.
May all beings have physical happiness.
May all beings have ease of wellbeing.

Nighty night!

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