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It’s Real


A nightmare woke me up at 4:30am;
even with the light on I didn’t feel safe.
As sleep was out of the question at that point
I began to read and lost myself in bits about
blue-zone cultures and longevity.
And then breakfast and meditation
and yoga classes 1-2-3,
finishing at 12:30
talking on the drive home
with a dear friend in Colorado
going through some stuff of her own…
then lunch
and reordering business cards
and thinking about writing an
“about me” for my website
which has lain dormant for two years,
and a shower, ahh…hot, beautiful water…
and then it struck me.
My daily life used to feel like a nightmare.
I would pray to god to give me beautiful dreams
so that I could find solace at night when I slept.
Now, between working as much as I can teaching yoga
and taking care of my two beautiful children,
my life has become more fluid and easy
and I feel more empowered.
This was the dream I was looking for
at this time last year.
and now it’s real.
Without knowing when it would happen or how,
I’ve lived into a more powerful version of myself.
Today I feel strong, healthy and happy.
In comparison to the nightmare it once was,
today my life feels beautiful and light.
And I am so grateful.

Ma belle France


Ah, ma belle France
Qu’est-ce que je peux faire pour toi?
Les larmes tombent à l’intérieur
Je ne crois pas mes yeux, mes oreilles,
la voix de mon mari
me semble loin de ce moment,
ce n’est pas vrai, pas vrai.
C’est un cauchemar,
et je vais me réveiller bientôt.
Ma belle France,
Ce qui s’est passé–
ce n’est que mon rêve, mon cauchemar–
je vais t’aider en me réveillant.
Je vais réaliser que ce n’est pas vrai,
je vais t’aider, ma belle France,
je vais t’aider.

Ah, my beautiful France
What can I do for you?
Tears are falling on the inside
I do not believe my eyes, my ears,
my husband’s voice seems
far from this moment,
it’s not true, not true.
It’s a nightmare,
and I will awaken soon.
My beautiful France,
what happened–
this is just my dream, my nightmare–
and I will help you by waking up.
I will realize that it isn’t true.
I will help you my beautiful France,
I will help you.