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The Best Lover


Don’t read this with your mind,
read it with your heart,
because your heart will know that it is true:
There is nothing missing in this moment,
and you are whole and complete as you are.

Don’t listen to your mind respond to what you just read!
You’ve got to hush that thing up, give it a vacation.
Say to your mind,
Yes, dear, I know, you don’t like this…
why don’t you take a nice hot bath or something?

Meanwhile, just run right out the back door,
get back to the love that is this moment.
It waits for you like the best lover you have ever known,
open, available, ready to give you everything,
if you just show up and allow yourself to be held.

Still Need to Sleep


Who am I?
I won’t answer
Woman, mother, yoga teacher,
recently divorced
hustling to make ends meet…
that’s just the identity
my society has programmed me to see.
Who AM I?
It’s better to ask,
Who am I not?
I am not this or that,
not anything that can be labeled.
The I within me existed
long before the universe sprang into being,
and will continue to last
long after the earth ceases to support life.
I am not young or old,
I am not success or failure.
I am unnameable, timeless,
stillness in motion,
particle and wave both.
I am being and nonbeing,
formlessness within form,
the void inside matter,
the light inside darkness,
birth within death.
I am neither sound nor silence,
neither desire nor the fulfilment of desire.
There is no place that I exist
and there is no place that I do not exist.
In the smallest particle of my self
the Universe finds its center
and spins into being.
I am nothing and everything all at once,
no beginning, no end.
Then the small creature in me says,
Yes, yes, all of this sounds great,
but I still need to sleep.

I’m Home


Nothing is ever still.
Even window glass is liquid,
although it flows at a pace
far too slow for our eyes to detect.
And our eyes…
they only see certain wavelengths of light.
Our ears…
they only hear certain frequencies of sound.
When I remember
that I simply do not have the faculties
to grasp the inifinite nature
of what is really happening,
I can deep a breath,
take a step back,
and recognize
that the thing I call a “problem”
is just another play of phenomena
in this ever changing world of form.
As I relax around the many plays of form,
I can tune into what is formless in me.
And then…I’m home.

Show Me The Way


Tonight I sit in ceremony again,
a new circle of strangers,
of beloveds,
who just like me
are seeking the truth
of the one who abides
forever in wholeness.
Can I trust in this process
of surrendering to ALL THAT IS?
Can I drop the shield I was carrying
and stand vulnerable
in the truth of ultimate reality?
I am Source
and I am that which blocks Source.
Can I find the harmony
in the flow between the extremes?
I am human,
living a world of night and day,
male and female,
hot and cold.
Can I navigate the realm of duality
while staying connected
to the pure oneness of being?
Please God, show me the way.

Meant To Be


What can I say?
My old life crumbles all around me
and a new life begins to grow.
I’m busy mourning what I’ve lost
all these tiny miracles
are unfolding
all the time.
If I see a problem,
it’s time to look deeper,
and not outside of myself,
but inside.
Deeper still
and the boundaries I drew
between me and the world
begin to dissolve.
Even deeper
and my entire self melts away
to be replaced
with the awareness
that all of this,
without exception,
was meant to be.

You Are the Miracle


Don’t shrink, expand.
Now more than ever
this world needs
human beings to awaken
and allow their deepest essence
to pour forth,
helping the world,
healing the world,
inspiring the world,
celebrating the world,
this world where there
is so much beauty
concealed by so much suffering.
Step out of the suffering
and look up at the sky.
Walk into the forest,
listen to the water in the stream.
Sit atop the mountain peak,
let the sun and the wind
touch your face.
Go into the city,
love every single person you see.
The pendulum swings
again and again,
never stopping.
Beyond the extremes
of the pendulum’s swing
there is oneness,
forever, only oneness–
and this is the truth
of who you are.
Let the great one in you
breathe, speak,
think, create and act
from this oneness.
You are the miracle
we’ve been waiting for.

The Fine Line


There is a very fine line
between sanity and craziness,
an even finer line between
joy and sadness.
Maybe, actually,
there is no line,
but the two seemingly disparate polarities
in this dichotomy we’ve created
begin to blur together,
the way watercolor paint
forms beautiful swirls
and billowing clouds of color
as the tinted water spreads
across the paper and pools
in vibrant density here and there,
mesmerizing and confusing
as the boundaries disappear
and a dreamy union emerges,
oneness, totality of vision,
overwhelming and painful and sweet.
Swimming in the quick spinning center
whirlpool of our own spreading joy and sadness
painted in our own shades of craziness and sanity
it’s hard to see the whole picture.
But if we take a step back
–or if a loved one steps in
and lifts us up
and opens our eyes–
we might see the gorgeous result
of all of this blending,
this uncertainty
this inability to define
this nonexistence of the fine line…

Know Space


In every moment
where things start to feel stuck
heavy, uncomfortable,
where your own discomfort
threatens to take you back
into that same old pattern of reactivity,
look for space.

Look up at the vast blue sky.
Look at the way the wind
stirs the leaves
and how uncomplainingly
the leaves flutter to the ground.
Breathe into your whole body,
feel expansion,
make space.

Beyond the dream of duality
there is the reality of unity.
If you’ve become a ping pong ball
bouncing between the two extremes
of the dualistic mind,
you know what to do–
sit, come back to center,
keep sitting, breathe,
know space.