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Beautiful Present


Ahhhhh….awake early, before six.

A quiet meditation, prayer and song.

A gorgeous walk along the canal,

the river lower than I’ve ever seen it,

revealing water-carved stones,

jagged edges smoothed

by the relentless flow of life.

Breakfast, reheated leftovers

from last night’s dinner—delicious.

Then energy work.

Then a second breakfast…

Perfectly easy to peel hard-boiled eggs,

tea, berries.

Then drum circle,

and I was moved nearly to tears

to sit with these beloveds

and share a moment together,

Connecting through rhythm

and the space between the pulses

of our drum beats, our heart beats.

Then lunch, ahh…nourishment.

When I taught my yoga classes

it felt like such a privilege,

so sacred to witness these beings

finding center, finding stillness, breathing…

And then a beautiful snack with tea

in the afternoon sun,

and I think my heart might burst

at the light kissing all the leaves golden,

and the crispness of the air

and the blueness of the sky

and the openness of my mind

finally coming home,

finally coming home

to rest in this beautiful present moment.

NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 3: What’s On the Menu


I’m getting a late start to the NaPoWriMo prompts.  You could say I’ve been bit distracted of late, you know, what with going through a messy divorce and my husband finally deciding to leave the house and everything. But, better late than never as they say.  Today’s prompt is to write a list poem with names we’ve made up. Some examples given were band names, romance novel titles, and ideas for TV cop dramas.  I’m going to try out names for unnameable mixtures of emotions that I’ve had to eat and eat and eat because that’s been my reality for nine months.  Also, that I haven’t been able to eat much real food for months and that my weight has plummeted makes the food theme even more apropos…

What’s On the Menu

Hopeless-weariness-grief sandwich
Guilt shame pain blame regret soup with caramelized judgment
Saving self saving grace saving kids special sauce
Resistance depression darkness divorcee’s doubt pudding
Extramarital affair discovery baked with ragey cagey compote
Humor relief lightness super crunchy trail mix
Wanting more wanting out always wanting fizzy punch
Revelation with a twist of salvation salad accompanied by a side of tangy WTF?
Blanket idealism ice cream and
unapologetically innocent optimism pie for dessert
Self-help book junkie dharma debt digestif—scorches and soothes simultaneously
and for the heartburn…
Rollercoaster searching spicy spiral spiritual medicine
in the form of pleasure pills, tranquility tea, and intuition injections.
Baby we ain’t got no brakes,
so buckle up and tie your napkin around your neck.
Who’s hungry?

You Are Home


Return home now.
When you are out
wandering the world
and you feel lost, alone,
scared, helpless,
simply return home.
But where is home?
Ah, now that is the real question.
Home is where you can find peace,
love, acceptance, nourishment,
rest, a sanctuary,
a warm welcome.
Is home a physical location?
What happens if your dwelling place
were suddenly washed away
or blown away, or blown up
or torn down or taken away?
Do you have no home?
Are you now homeless?
No! You will always have a home.
Sit. Close your eyes, get quiet, get still.
Sit taller. Take a deep breath.
Look inside, look deeper.
Home is where you can find peace,
love, acceptance, nourishment,
rest, a sanctuary,
a warm welcome.
Home is wherever you are.
Home is YOU.
You are HOME.

My Masterpiece Day


It was a masterpiece day…
A friend encouraged me to go to yoga,
and the teacher was so compassionate
my heart melted in her presence.
Then I nourished my body with a good lunch
and my mind with good conversation…
My friend and I strolled through the woods
right on the cusp of autumn;
already leaves are changing colors
and dropping to the ground.
We waded in a cool stream
and for a moment
I was completely free of
any worry, fear or doubt.
And I remembered,
THIS. This is who I really am.
Yes, it was a masterpiece day,
and I am grateful!

NaPoWriMo Day 6: Food & Me


I love food.
I love its colors and textures
and its smells.
I love preparing it,
watching ingredients transform
into something amazing
right before my eyes.
I love sitting down to a good meal
and savoring every bite.
But sometimes…
I don’t manage to nourish myself
as much as I should.
Sometimes food is an afterthought,
and it takes becoming crazed
to realize that I’ve gone too long between meals.
I recently learned
that nice people become monsters
when their blood glucose levels dip
because of hunger.
Wanting to be kind to those I love
is motivation enough
to be more vigilant
about eating as much as my body needs me to.
But sometimes,
I want someone to just make me the food,
bring me the food,
and clean up afterwards.
I love food.
But it sure is a lot of work.

Food for Your soul


Get to know yourself
not as someone you
need to change or fix–
but with a sense of curiosity,
discovering who you are in this moment
and appreciating that person.
Self-compassion isn’t frivolous
or self-absorbed,
it is an act of salvation.
When you are able to
authentically offer yourself compassion
and commit to deep self-knowing,
all of a sudden you stop fighting
with life
and you start to savor and love
what you have right now,
who you are right now.
From such an open place
any thought or feeling,
any experience
is a call to awakening,
food for your soul,
a way to be nourished
from within
so that your radiance
can shine into the lives
of all beings.

Birthday Dinner Reprise


Ah, when we give life,
when we give ourselves,
second chances to be happy…
such wonderful opportunities arise
to have needs met,
to be happy,
to be heard,
and known.

Today, my birthday,
I cleaned and cleaned the house,
it felt good to put things in order.

I went out on a date
to a new restaurant friends were raving about.
I relaxed, ate a wonderful meal
with my husband,
was fed in my mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Ah, when we give life,
when we give ourselves
second chances to be happy,
such wonderful opportunities arise.