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Good, True, & Sacred


I wake up and
What a gift this day is.
Birds are singing,
breeze is blowing
and I pray to God giving thanks
for this beautiful day.
I give thanks for Divine Guidance,
leading me to create
what I am asked to create,
steering me toward what is
good, and true and sacred.
And on a day like this,
what isn’t good, true and sacred?

Love More Open


A part of my healing journey
has been to loosen up a little
on some of my routines.
I have been accused of being rigid,
too attached to my routines,
and each time I felt the urge
to defend my practices
if not out loud,
then inwardly, to myself.
As I began to peer inside a little more,
I could see how my routines were sometimes fillers,
excuses not to be completely present,
because I could check out
as I attended to them…
and so this need to defend my practices
came from anxiety that they might not be serving me,
and the pain of feeling like my time spent doing them
was a complete waste.
Then again…
Is there such a thing?
Could it be that my practices served me then,
but I eventually outgrew them,
and now they no longer serve me
the way they did before?
Could I drop the shame around change?
Don’t we learn by making mistakes?
Can’t I ease up about being perfect, being right,
and instead, can I welcome this moment
with my heart that yearns to love more open?

The Jewel in the Center of the Lotus


I surrender what is, into the loving fire of transformation, the light of which illuminates the present and manifests the future, in the highest creative expression of unconditional love.

—Alana Fairchild, from the Sacred Rebels oracle deck guidebook, pp 98-99

They say there is a jewel in the lotus,
and if it can root down in the mud
and grow up toward the light
eventually it will break through the surface of the water
and blossom open.
They say the light pouring forth
from the jewel in the center of the lotus
is brighter than the brightest sun
and all who behold this radiance
are blessed.
May we awaken to our present conditions
that the flower of our awakening
may blossom open in radiance
and may the jewel
at the center of our consciousness
shine brightly for all beings to behold.



We’re here!
Fresh, clean kids are asleep
in their fresh, clean sheets…
And even though I’m crazy tired,
I’m kind of wired,
walking around in wonder
that this has finally happened.
Our own place.
Our own memories.
A new chapter,
untainted by the one
who almost broke me.
I lit a candle,
made a cup of tea
and am settling down cozily
to read and muse
and feel so much gratitude.
We moved! We moved! We moved!
And I am moved
by the moving, by the help received,
by the sheer quantity of stuff,
being forced to look at all of it,
make decisions—stay or go?
Intentionally setting up nooks of creativity,
creating a sewing studio in the basement—
this has been a DREAM…
And now, it’s coming true,
because I choose, I choose,
to live the dream,
to move and be moved
by this wonderful life
to trust, to love,
to jump, to open
to fly…

Glad To Be Alive


Humbled, grateful,
totally exhausted,
I finish my day
with the satisfaction of knowing
that I worked and lived and loved
just as much as I possibly could.
I envision an extraordinary life,
which is lived day by
extraordinary day.
I look back and realize
that every moment was guided,
every moment was a gift.
I look forward and savor
the possibility
that the best is yet to come.
And I breathe into this now moment,
relaxing into open awareness
belly soft
heart open
simply glad to be alive.

All These Questions


I search through the fatigue
for something that means something.
I realize I’ve been looking in the wrong place.
I think everything is not IT,
but in fact, everything IS it.
How could it not be?
This reality is all we have.
Are we awake to it?
We think we know so much,
but when we look deeper,
we realize we know very little.
The best we can do is commit
to staying open to Life,
to humility in the face
of all these questions.

Fluid Reality


Reality is fluid,
not this fixed concrete thing
that we confuse ourselves
into thinking it is.
Consider this moment.
A web of experiences
has given rise to this one instant
and you are at the center of it all.
It seems impossible
to free yourself of the past
and stand without so many
little strings tugging at you,
but if you really look,
if you taste,
if you touch and smell and hear
with your whole self focused–
you’ll see.
You’ll see that everything is fluid,
constantly shifting and changing,
and all of the beliefs you’ve held so dear
are but wisps of cloud
in the vast clear sky space
of your open mind-body-heart.
Set down the heavy rock
you were about to throw
at the mirror.
Just pause and look into it.
You’ll see your soul
reflected back to you,
the world soul,
all beings distilled into one being,
your awakened self
in this one fluid, ever changing reality.

Emotions on the Path


Our emotions can be
a starting point
for meditation.
We might mistakenly believe
that meditation is about being
some peaceful, blissed out
present day Buddha…
but real life happens,
and sometimes we become
pissed off
stressed out
you know REAL LIFE happens,
and now we’re faced
with some pretty hefty thoughts and feelings.
Use them.
Use them on your path of awakening.
Take your feelings one by one,
find their texture and their weight,
sense their location in your body.
Breathe into them and give them space.
Feel the feelings.
And as you become absorbed
in the actual experience
of feeling human emotion,
suddenly you have the ability
to empathize with others
who are feeling the same thing as you.
Your empathy is your open door
to authentic connection.
Therefore, stay open to your feelings.
When you stay open to your feelings
you stay open to all of life.
And this life needs you to be open.

Dear Little Baby


I promise you that when you allow yourself to truly experience the rawness of your emotions, a whole new way of seeing the world, of experiencing love and compassion, will be revealed to you.

–Pema Chodron

We shut down
because it seems too painful
to stay open…
but this is why it’s called
the Warrior’s Path.
It takes the strength and courage
of a well-trained warrior
to search for deeper meaning
and to stay open to the answers
in the midst of the challenges
of daily life.
we aren’t expected to be masters,
not right away at least.
When we start,
we are very much like babies,
and we need someone to pick us up
and place us in the cradle of lovingkindness.
Dear little tantruming baby,
will you let yourself be held?

How Would You Live?


How would you live
if you remembered
that in just an instant
this life you have come to know
could be swept away forever?
How would your choices
be different
if you knew this day
would be your last?
Taking nothing for granted,
not getting caught up
in things being a certain way,
not trapped by a fear of death,
but living fully in this moment,
what would that be like?
And how could you carry
this awareness
of the profound beauty
and the utter fragility of life
in such a way
that your appreciation of life
would exert more power
than the belief
that this moment
should be other than what it is?
Letting go into this moment,
knowing the freedom to
see with your heart’s eyes,
to choose that which brings
you the most joy–
could this be your greatest offering
to the world?