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Playing with the idea
that I don’t have to wait for something external to change
in order to achieve the feeling states I desire.
So I speak them aloud as if they are happening now,
and I feel into these states, one by one.
I feel complete.
I feel happy.
I feel safe.
I feel abundant.
I feel powerful.
I feel confident.
I feel loved.
I feel wanted.
I feel sexy.
I feel inspired.
I feel creative.
I feel welcome.
I feel connected.
I feel happy.
I feel healthy.
I feel grateful.
I feel peaceful.

I feel worthy.
I feel clear.

I feel excited.
I feel free.

As I speak these words aloud
I notice what it feels like
to really embody these states of being.
I end up feeling uplifted, amazed by the shift.
I’ll keep doing this work and I’ll see where it takes me.

I AM the Way


Things are changing
because I am changing.
Life is more beautiful
because I searched for and found
beauty within me.
I feel more love for the world
because I made love to myself.
I have more to give others
because I gave first to myself.
I am full with these thoughts,
charged up with these practices,
open to possibility,
grateful for the gifts life has given me.
Thank you God.
You helped me get out of my own way
by showing me that I AM the way.




Space to be who I am,
want more,
go deeper.

Space to realize what needs to get done
and space to allow some things left undone.

Space for silence.
Space for being.
Space for right now.

(I found the image above when I Google searched “Images of space”.  If I knew to whom I should give credit for the photo I would…Hubble Telescope perhaps?)

The Choice is Mine


Sources of inspiration coalesce,
sending me the same message
until it reaches in
and takes root.
they’re all saying the same thing:
Open, grow, let it flow.
So I open.
I open.
I open more.
And the changes come slowly at first,
but then more quickly over time.
I see my responsibility
in opening to possibility
and how the only one ever
holding me back was, well,
Now, this, this is power:
realizing that the failure was mine,
but now so is the success.
And I get to choose.

Retreat Day 1: Arriving


Settling into our new space,
committing to being present, honest,
honoring ourselves and others,
embracing this new experience,
giving ourselves permission
to be and to feel…completely…
I’m reminded of what a retreat really is:
a stepping back from the everyday routine
allowing deeper wisdom to emerge,
wisdom that has been obscured
by habitual modes of existence.
It’s seeing with new eyes
and feeling with an open heart.
It’s resting and nurturing one’s spirit.
My inner critic has been loud,
asking How dare you do this?
But it’s getting a little quieter
as my true self emerges
ready to learn,
to be grateful for the learning.

Not Alone


Sitting here, trying to stay awake
I bring my attention back
to the give and take of the breath.
Faces of loved ones, friends, family
appear before me
and for each one in turn
I breathe in their suffering
and send to them peace, joy,
health, ease of well-being.
This practice reminds me
that we all suffer in one way or another.
It shows me how not to fixate
on my little self in the enormity
of this amazing universe.
And then, when I turn my attention
back to my own suffering,
it is with wider eyes
and a heart that remembers,
You are not alone.

Teachers in Disguise


This might sound crazy,
but we should feel grateful
for the people who rub us the wrong way.
If we stayed in our perfect little bubble
of sunshine and smiles
and zippity doo dah
how would we ever
understand what our hang ups are?
The people who bother us
give us a chance to clearly see
our own neuroses
and with this information
we can train in responding with awareness
instead of having the same old habitual reaction.
Sure, you might not be thanking them
while they’re vexing you
but later you can look back
and see where you got tripped up–
and you can thank whomever it was
for giving you a chance to see more clearly.
Welcome these teachers in disguise.
If you can feel thankful for the people
who activate your deepest fears and annoyances,
think of what you’ll feel
for all of the kindred spirits in your life!