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Can’t Control How I Grow


I was sitting in meditation earlier today
and it occurred to me
that the self of my future
won’t suffer from my current problems,
because I will have outgrown them.
But then I realized, I’ll have new problems.
I wondered what my new problems will be
when I’ve outgrown my current ones.
And then I realized I’m looking forward
to the different problems I’ll have
when I’ve outgrown my current ones
Well…time to start growing faster!
Time to start growing better!
Time to start growing more intentionally,
and productively and strategically and—
wait, what?
I can’t control how I grow?
I guess I’ll just take a deep breath,
and rest in gratitude for what is here now.

Isn’t It Wonderful?


Don’t give up
when you see an obstacle in your path
your obstacles ARE your path.
Don’t believe me?
Tell me one amazing thing you’ve accomplished
without a lot of hard work.
Yes. All amazing things come
as a result of hard work and perseverance.
Instead of getting nervous
when an obstacle looms large ahead of you,
get excited.
Yes!  An opportunity to become
more of the you that you are here to become!
Your mindset will determine your experience.
Isn’t it wonderful that you can choose?

No Problems, Only Opportunities


Letting go of the linear thinking
which says
Things need to be THIS way,
My mind is open
to seeing different solutions–
and what was once a problem
now becomes an opportunity
for a new experience,
a chance to dig deeper
and bring more of my true self
to the surface of my understanding.
May I relax
when my mind panics
because it is uncomfortable with uncertainty,
and may I breathe deeply
and find the clarity to remember
There are no problems, only opportunities.

Permission to Make Mistakes


I thought I could do it.
I sat there, and tried to sew that zipper
into a skirt I’m making.
But it didn’t work,
and I was tired,
and I had to rip all the seams out.
I felt myself growing frustrated.
It was late.
I knew it was time to stop.

The part of me that likes
to criticize and to belittle
any creative endeavors I attempt
was having a grand old time
saying, “I told you so,”
as I put the project away
for tomorrow.

But there’s another part of me.
And this part said,
“Go on and rest. You can finish this tomorrow.”
And it reassured me.
It said, “You are learning! Your mistakes are your teachers.”

I like listening to this part.
I can relax, and enjoy the process
instead of becoming fixated on the result
and dissatisfied when it doesn’t arrive quickly.

You have permission
to not be perfect.
You have permission
to take your time.
You have permission 
to make mistakes.
And this life will give you ample opportunities
to try, try again.

So capitalize on this chance to learn
and spend your whole life learning,
and you will find that life is never dull.
Every time you fall
Your wings grow stronger.

One day you will fly…