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My Ordinary Life


I woke up this morning with a lightness,
was able to get so much accomplished…
something had shifted,
and my mind wasn’t stuck in the same old thoughts.
I felt more like myself today
than I had felt in ages.
I took time to take care of my self,
celebrated the quietude,
seized the chance to tune in
and clear my space.
Now, freshly showered,
clean sheets on my bed,
and a warm mug of tea
steaming beside me,
I look back in gratitude.
It was an incredibly ordinary day
by mostly anyone’s standards,
but I’m feeling peaceful now.
God bless my ordinary life.

In Awe of the Ordinary


As I open my eyes and look around
I see so many reasons to be grateful.
My hands on the steering wheel–
I have hands,
I have a car,
I can drive.
This road will lead
to where I’m going;
it’s amazing that this road was built,
asphalt stretching over so many miles
that I may travel quickly and easily.
The simple things
can bring us great pleasure
if we can become fully absorbed in them,
fall in love with them,
full of rapture,
in awe of the perfectly ordinary
nature of our lives.

This is Who We Are


We are ordinary and magnificent
all at once.
When we can accept this
we will experience the ultimate freedom
born of fearlessness.
If we can live humbly
and yet wield our greatness wisely
we will be open, clear, efficient, effective.
We won’t need to shrink behind
illusions in a desperate attempt
to hide our shame,
and neither will we need
to puff ourselves up and prove
our worthiness to the world.
Completely ordinary
and extraordinarily magnificent
all at once–
this is who we are.