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Nighttime Self-Pity


I’m feeling crazy and tired.
Kids are whimpering,
resisting going to bed.
There is a mountain of laundry
waiting on my bed,
beckoning me
in a way I don’t want to be beckoned.
And their dad
is at a yoga class.
I ask why
he didn’t want to go to yoga
until he wanted a divorce.
Maybe he’ll find
another yoga teacher
to marry.

There’s a LOT Happening


It’s not a big surprise or anything
but anticipating the move ahead
and all that needs to be done
is starting to feel a bit scary

I want to stay present,
really I do,
but there are five years
of living in this house to sort through
and I come from a long line of hoarders

I am ready to let go.
I have been affirming this thought
for much of my adult life.
I don’t want to become my father,
holding on to everything
until there is no longer room
in his house (his heart?)
for his family.
I am ready to let go.

And yet,
I’m a bit sentimental
and I become certifiably anxious
when I’m asked to throw something away
that could be turned into art,
which is everything,
now that I stop to think about it.

Just a quick note to say,
there is a lot happening,
and I hope I can keep
some stillness and some silence within,
so that I can remember the changeless
in the midst of all this change.