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Nobody’s Perfect


Nobody’s perfect.
We hear this all the time,
but what does it mean?
Perfection does not exist–
it is an ideal, something
that many of us strive to attain.
But then there is the reality, the pain
of unconsciously trying to
be the best
to never make mistakes,
but then a mistake is made,
which is inevitable,
because to be human
is to be fallible–
and we beat ourselves up
for not being perfect.
A friend tries to console us
saying Nobody’s perfect.
Somehow we don’t feel better.
Because we tell ourselves
we could’ve done better.
Where did we learn this,
and how can we shift
from self-flagellation
to compassionate understanding
of ourselves
and our current life conditions?
Let’s give ourselves
the same kindness, care, and concern
that we would offer a good friend.
Let us reassure ourselves
that our mistakes are our greatest teachers
and we all make them.
Let us remember
Nobody’s perfect
and nobody has to try to be perfect
and delight in that fact!