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Nature Saves Me From Myself (Again)


I was caught in a story today,
a story about not being prepared enough,
organized enough, motivated enough,
not a good enough planner,
not thoughtful enough.
It was a story about being selfish,
wrapped up in my own interests…
not good enough.
And then the plant spirits called me outside.
The sun shone on me,
the breeze blew through me,
and I thrust my hands into the earth
again and again.
When I looked up,
there were beautiful plants
in all our pots and containers
and an hour had passed.
The anxiety was gone,
and so was the self-effacing self-talk.
Thank you Nature for saving me again.

An Afternoon in the Conservatory


Blooms everywhere
heavenly scents in the air
delicious warmth
a divine breeze
the happy chatter of many children
running, leaping, bounding
up and down ramps
skipping along spiral staircases
zooming through alcoves
where bubbling fountains
sing a most cheerful song.
Pineapples growing alongside
tomatoes, alyssum and cyclamen,
nectarines in full glorious bloom,
a kumquat tree heavenly laden with fruit,
orchids dangling from every nook and cranny,
bonsai older than my grandmother
banana trees, ferns, rose, hibiscus–
such a marvel for the senses.
One afternoon in the Conservatory
at Longwood Gardens
and I remember
what I love so much about nature,
about life.

Thoughts on Plants


Gardening as a metaphor…
Wherever you see the word “plants”
read “thoughts.”
I went out in search of some new plants today.
I came upon scores of them,
glowing like jewels, beckoning me
to gaze upon their beauty.
They were healthy, colorful,
well tended.
I brought some home.
I pulled the weed plants
out of my garden,
and removed the plants
I had been trying to nurture
but which simply did not fare well
where I had placed them.
At first it pained me to pull the old plants up,
for they were still alive,
even if they were struggling
and looking scraggly.
But then I remembered,
These plants will return to the Earth Mother.
Their fate is not so bad.
And these beautiful new plants,
let me give them a chance to flourish.
Let me try again to see new growth
reach toward its potential,
its fullest expression of beauty.
My plants have a lot to teach me.
Life has a lot to teach me.

Harvesting the Bounty



garden tomatoes 2014

A beautiful sight greeted me as I looked out into our back yard today:  splashes of red, orange, and purple peeking out from behind the leaves of our tomato vines.  When we left for our ten day vacation in Utah our vines were a sea of green, and I was asking myself when I could sink my teeth into a juicy tomato sandwich.  Ten days later it’s ripe tomato heaven. I got outside this evening with the kids and picked a bunch;  for the first time in years we actually have enough to do some canning.  Right before our vacation my two year old son had been picking and eating the green tomatoes much to our annoyance, and although we tried multiple tactics to dissuade him, he seemed hell bent on plucking every green fruit he could find. It was so satisfying this evening to pluck a big ripe tomato off of the vine and hand it to him, to see the juice and seeds on his face, to watch how quiet he became as he worked on finishing the ripe red goodness.

There is something so incredibly satisfying about harvesting something from my very own back yard garden.  Not only do I enjoy vine-ripened deliciousness, but I get to enjoy these gourmet beauties for a fraction of what I would pay for them at a grocery store.  Organic heirloom tomatoes are going for $6.00 per pound at our local Wholefoods, and we have them growing in abundance right here in our yard.  My husband purchased and planted the young seedlings and Mother Nature did the rest of the work, sending sunshine and rain their way so that we could enjoy this beautiful harvest.  Tonight I thank the earth for what she gives us.


Dear Mother Earth,

Humbly I come to you in thanks;
please receive this appreciation I have for you.
You who ceaselessly give to us
that we may live in abundance,
You who hold me in your great green arms
and soothe me when the cares of our man-made existence
weigh heavy in my soul…

In you I find freedom, space, balance, harmony.
When I am graced with time in your untouched expanses
My heart leaps and dances with joy!

Thank you for your beauty, your bounty, your bliss.
Please teach me how to love your gifts
and to walk upon you gently, with grace.

Show me how to live in your balance, your harmony,
that I may reflect your supreme wisdom
with every thought, word and deed.

Reveal to me how I can advocate for your good,
and how to make daily choices that help to preserve you,
our greatest treasure.

Great Earth Mother,
I love you.