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Time For Bed


Why am I so grumpy,
quick tempered?
Why do I keep snapping at my kids?
Why is my house such a mess?
Why do I feel angry at my husband again?
Why does my life feel so disorganized?
Why am I so disappointed in myself
and everything about my current situation?
Oh yeah…
it’s time for bed.

A Room Full of People


If you want to learn how to stay present,
grounded in clear perception,
walk into a room of people
and pay attention.
Watch how your own perception
jumps into play,
how your attraction and aversion,
your revulsion and your curiosity
swirl and mesh and spiral
layer upon layer upon layer
of thought
what is real?
Look again at these people.
Is your heart open or closed?
When you shut down,
you can feel compassion
for all beings who have trouble staying open.
And when you stay open,
you have the tremendous fortune
of sharing authentic connection
with these precious beings
who have chanced upon
this same path as you.
Either way,
you learn.
Either way,
you win!