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NaPoWriMo Day 10: She is Everywhere


She was a good woman,
a strong woman,
an honest woman.
She lived a good, long life,
gave all she could,
loved with her whole heart.
She helped a lot of people
in more ways than
she could have known,
she kept growing
even after she was full grown.
It was no longer growing up,
it was growing in,
the kind of growing
that elevates everyone;
as she evolved
they evolved with her.
Now I see her everywhere,
reflected in the rivers,
the mountains and the stars.
I hear her voice
in the whisper of trees,
I see the glimmer of her eyes
in the shining seas
I even hear her humming
as I watch ambitious bees
searching for sweetness
only they can see.
She is not gone.
She is everywhere with me.

Today’s prompt invited us to create a portrait of someone. My mind immediately imagined a eulogy.   I cannot tell you why!

NaPoWriMo Day 2: Family Portrait


I can see an old family portrait
clear as day in my mind.
Everyone is younger
and our hair is pretty funny.
Our smiles cued by the photographer
but there was sincere humor in our eyes.
Mom, Dad, big sister, twin sister and me…
Yes I can see it clear as day in my mind,
but so much time has passed
and gone are the days of togetherness
under the same roof.
Each bird has flown to its separate nest
And that old picture is buried somewhere
in my father’s mess.

Here is the prompt for NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 2. My family of origin–rather than the family I created with my husband–sprang to mind.