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Your Power


Ah this life,
this beautiful life,
where everything is new and fresh
in reality…
This life where,
if we can find one moment
of spaciousness in body
and clarity of mind,
we can experience heaven.
All we ever have is here and now;
everything else is just a story.
What happens when you believe
your stories?
If you notice that they frighten you,
bring stress to your body,
shut down your mind,
then investigate them.
A mind at peace with itself
has no choice but to project peace
upon the world.
Tell me,
are you ready to know your own power?

I Am the Peace


If I want to terrify myself,
let me try to anticipate the future.
Let me believe the thought
that this moment isn’t enough,
and let me reach into a place
that cannot be reached
and attempt to exert control
over that which cannot be controlled.
If I want to be sane, at peace,
let me open my eyes to this moment.
Let me look around
and with a grateful heart
allow myself to be breathed by life.
In this moment
there is nothing that I need.
In this moment
all is well.
In this moment
I am the peace I have always wanted.

Return to Being


Settling into this moment,
breathing deeply,
remembering that balance is key.
Work and play
Effort and rest
Day and night…
Like the waves of the ocean
rising and falling,
everything in the perfect time.
Softening the belief
that this moment
should be other
than what it is,
seeing it for what it is,
responding, rather than reacting,
doing what needs to be done.
This calm acceptance isn’t complacency,
it is clarity, power, and strength.
Settle into this moment,
breathe deeply,
do what needs to be done,
then return to being.

A Good Night Conversation


I hope you don’t die
he said to me
as I gave him a kiss good night.
I had just told him how much I love him
and how glad I am
that he is my little boy…
Everyone will die, sweetheart,
and this is why we should love each other
as much as we can
and treasure every moment we have together.
We never know what will happen,
so we have to love and enjoy one another now.
He is four years old.
I don’t know how much he understands,
but perhaps after a few years of thinking about it,
he’ll grasp how there are no guarantees for tomorrow,
and how important it is to love with his whole heart today.

This Moment is the Path


And what if
we could relax
with uncertainty,
if we could stop
trying to anticipate
the future?
This moment is the path.
Life is not a highway,
and it doesn’t come with a map.
We can’t plan on getting
from point A to point B
and guarantee that we’ll
reach a certain destination
by the end of it all…
This moment is the path.
We can see what we lived before
but the future is completely unknown.
Can we let go of our illusion of control
and our obsession with familiarity,
and dive into the unknown?
This moment,
let yourself grow more peaceful,
more calm
embracing the open
always unfolding
path of this present moment.

Somewhere Between


Somewhere between
your ideal vision
of life as it should be
and the actual experience
of life as it is now,
there is this very fertile place
of living, moving, breathing
awakening inspiration.
Full of wonderful ideas about
ways to improve life,
ways to be happy,
now it is time to test
what you think you know,
bringing your ideas out
into the world of interrelating.
Now is it time to live your way toward
the moment of homecoming,
of knowing this changeless self.

Fear Not, Little Bird


Little bird,
you must stretch your wings
if you would fly.
You must leave the nest
if you would breathe.
Don’t be afraid,
the fresh air of this wide open world
calls to you.
now soar...

There is no wrong way
to fly in the sky
circling in the blue vastness…
just don’t get stuck in the nest.
There is no room
for those beautiful wings of yours
in the old confined place
of your infancy.
At any rate,
if you tarry too long
you will be pushed from the nest
by the Great Mother,
the awakener of us all.

Don’t grieve the loss
of that which is familiar.
What at first seems painful
is life moving you to a place
of greater expansion.
Little bird,
don’t be afraid.
You are more than capable
of opening to this moment,
ready to meet your grandest destiny,
circling in the blue vastness…