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I Can Learn Something


I can feel the pressure building inside of me,
pressure to get things done, get things organized,
be better, do more, know more,
pressure to have a plan,
pressure to answer others’ questions…
It’s the dark time of the year,
and the darkness is bringing me down.
I don’t want this pressure.
I want to hide.
God, help me change my mind.
Help me welcome the pressure.
Let me see this discomfort as a yoga posture
life has given me to master.
If I can breathe through it,
I can learn something from it.

Take the Pressure Off


And then it struck me all of a sudden,
I’m not writing for any particular reason at all…
I’m just writing to write.
I do this night after night
not because I have to
but because I want to.
I don’t have to think about it,
I just do it.
It doesn’t take any willpower at all…
it’s almost like breathing–
it just happens.
And I realized,
ah, I’ve taken the pressure off my writing
to be something amazing,
to be something special,
to be something lovely,
to be popular,
to be successful.
And then I thought,
What if I could take the same pressure
off of myself?