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Get Crackin’


Knowing that we will all eventually
be met with the same unavoidable end,
I’d like to live in such a way
that if the end came suddenly
then I could go in peace,
feeling complete with what I have done,
how I have given and received love.
Being honest with myself,
I can see I have a long way to go
before such peace is attained.
Looks like I better get crackin’.

Calculation and Adaptation


Hey everyone!  I wrote this on Friday, October 18, and in my hurry to get to sleep, I totally forgot to press “publish.”  Haha. I still wrote something…I just didn’t post it.



I must be stuck in the 1980’s
when copies were just 5¢ apiece…

After working hours, HOURS
on a presentation booklet for my workshop
and discovering that there were over 50 pages
to be printed for over sixty attendees,
I discovered that I couldn’t afford to print
copies of those booklets for everyone.

I did the math.
20¢ a page x 50 pages=$10
$10 per booklet x 60 attendees=$600
Um, nope.
No can do.
And this doesn’t count the front page I designed.
If I wanted it printed in color– 59¢ per page
59¢ x 60 = $35.40

So now we’re up to $635.40
And I’m not even counting the spiral binding I wanted.

Now it was time to adapt.
I sat with disappointment.
Why didn’t I find out the expense first?
So much time lost. So much time.
Regret, annoyance, and then depression.

But a thought pepped me up–
I have the opportunity to touch 60 beautiful souls this Sunday.
I won’t give up.
I’ll make a shorter booklet.
I cut and slashed and hacked,
pared down…returned to the basics.

I did the math.
I can afford it now.
I adapted.
Now they’re printed,
and I am glad.