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How long it will be
before the new paradigm is established
and I can truly be free of the thoughts,
words, and actions that have held me back?
I keep reminding myself that I am fine,
that I have always been fine
and I will always be fine…
but my poor, neurotic mind
simply cannot accept this.
It dutifully attempts to dredge up proof
that I will not be okay.
It wants to let me know I’ll run out of money,
I won’t find a way,
I’ll be lonely and homeless
without a friend in the world.
And all this because it wants me to be safe.
But the fear, doubt and worry
make me feel unsafe.
So I have to train this poor mind
to search for proof
that I will definitely be okay.
And then I keep exerting tremendous force,
really wanting this positive outlook
to be where I live most of the time.
This mighty war raging inside of me
feels exhausting;
I want a nap.
But somehow I must find a way to keep going,
until my mind knows

Why I’m Here


I’m trying hard to remember
why I’m here
and then I remember
there is no reason…
life begets life,
and here I am.
How many countless resources
have been used
from the dawn of time
down the line of all my ancestors
to one day bring me into being?
And now I’m awestruck–
the crazy luck of being here
with no reason,
just life living through me,
begetting more life.