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Beyond the Routine


I’m still working on simply accepting this moment.
It may be a life long practice,
because as I really pay attention to it,
I notice that there is very little about this moment
that is like anything I’ve ever experienced before.
In fact, this moment is completely different
from anything I’ve ever lived…
and I realize that my mind that wants familiarity
was just painting a picture of the routine
over what I was living in reality,
and calling forth routine perceptions and behaviors
in response to the picture my mind has painted.
Every second that ticks by is a miracle.
Am I available to experience it?
This moment is a huge gift.
My children are changing, I am changing,
the weather is changing,
our circumstances are changing,
everything is constantly in flux.
Maybe I remove the blindfold
and see that beyond the routine
there is a fieild of infinite possibility.
May I awaken to my true nature there.

Time to Remember


What would happen
if I suddenly recognized
that I am exactly where
I am supposed to be
doing exactly what
I am supposed to be doing?
What if I stopped struggling,
took a deep breath, and relaxed?
I might remember who I really am:
Pure consciousness aware of itself.
Upon this remembering,
bliss floods my being;
I am home.
I have spent so long in the dark,
struggling, afraid.
It is time to remember.
Time to come home.

The Greatest Miracle


Early this morning
I took a deep breath
and I asked my heart
some questions.
Why was I surprised
when the answers
were so sweet, gentle,
and simple
that they pointed me
back home
to the truth
I always knew?
I suppose I had bought in
to the idea that miracles
were these huge displays
of cosmic power and grandeur.
Now I know better.
Now I know
the greatest miracle
is a simple recognition
of the tender heart
of awareness—
gentle, sweet—
the heart in all of us.

Truly Fortunate


The way the afternoon light
filters through the trees
or how I managed to drive home
and make it there in one piece,
when a group of people come together
and practice, teach and support one another,
when I sit down to a good meal with my family,
there can be no doubt in my mind
of how wonderful this life is,
no doubt that there is the presence
of something much, much bigger than myself.
Searching for that presence
will be a lifelong journey
of becoming still
and watching as all of the blessings
rain down upon me.
How truly fortunate I am to be alive.

Fortunate Indeed


My mind swirls with many thoughts.
It has been a long day
and we are in the thick of packing
for our move a week from tomorrow.

Tension is running high
my husband and I argued tonight
and it upset the children.
I spent a while reassuring them
Everything is okay.
Mama and Daddy are grumpy because we’re tired.
This isn’t your fault.
We love you very much.
Everything is okay.

Hugs and cuddles to show them
that what I’m saying is true.
Everything is okay.

Then, more work,
dinner, wrangling the children
into bath and bed.

It struck me
that these moments
that I have perceived as rife with struggle
are precious gifts
that many have not the resources to enjoy.

We have a house.
We are moving to a new one that better suits our needs.
I have a husband.
We have food to eat for dinner.
We have warm running water,
clean towels and bedsheets,
a warm house that shields us from the
winter’s chilly sting.

I have so much,
so much
to be grateful for

I am very fortunate.
I am very fortunate indeed.