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It occurred to me
that every second I spend
trying to get him
to give me the money
that is mine by law
is a second I divert my attention
from the mission
of creating my own money
by offering value to the world
doing the things I know how to do best.
I’m choosing to let go.
I was told not to hold my breath
so I’m breathing,
slowly and deeply
and with gratitude
that I can wake up to this moment
knowing nothing
and open to being taught.

Trust and Freedom


It’s going to be okay.
I feel that now.
Last year I worked on cultivating trust,
and this year, I chose freedom.
As I trust, I relax into being,
and this moment opens up
and shows me what I need to know….
in freedom.
Or more precisely,
I open up
and I can finally see
what this moment
was trying to show me all along.
Yes. I open up,
and then I can receive
the gifts that were always there,
awaiting my opening.
I open up
and the whole universe is delighted
to shower me with the love and the abundance
that now gets to be expressed through me,
through my willingness to trust and to be free.

The Path is the Destination


Back home after a harrowing journey,
a night time drive of 212 miles
in fog and driving rain
over hills and mountains
and high speed highways.
A lot of prayers were uttered
as I drove through plumes of rain
kicked up by semi after semi,
my two children in the back seat,
completely oblivious to how
dangerous it was
as the car hydroplaned
on many occasions,
gusts of wind
spraying wet leaves across the road…
Visibility was low
and I felt myself growing tense
with the responsibility
of keeping us all alive…
one wrong move
and we could all be gone
in an instant.
I finally put on the hazard lights
and slowed way down to be safe
in the fog and the rain.
And it occurs to me now
that the same can be applied
when going through
harrowing mental and emotional weather–
slow down, proceed with caution,
we cannot see what’s ahead
and there is bound to be
all kinds of weather,
so relax into this journey of life…
the path is the destination.

No Problems, Only Opportunities


Letting go of the linear thinking
which says
Things need to be THIS way,
My mind is open
to seeing different solutions–
and what was once a problem
now becomes an opportunity
for a new experience,
a chance to dig deeper
and bring more of my true self
to the surface of my understanding.
May I relax
when my mind panics
because it is uncomfortable with uncertainty,
and may I breathe deeply
and find the clarity to remember
There are no problems, only opportunities.

I Fixed It


This is how I know
that I have progressed
on this path of

I made a mistake.
And instead of
feeling ashamed,
(I could keep going
but you get the picture)
this is what happened:

I took a deep breath,
and I fixed it.

This Moment of Being Human


The towns and countryside that the traveler sees through a train window do not slow down the train, nor does the train affect them.  Neither disturbs the other.  This is how you should see the thoughts that pass through your mind when you meditate.

–Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche


This is thinking.
And then I breathe again.
I might be aware of my breath
for half of an inhalation
before another thought jumps in.
This is thinking.
And then I return my awareness
to breathing.
I allow my out breath
to dissolve out into space
and I allow my in-breath to arrive easily.
Maybe I can keep
my awareness on my breathing
for one or two complete cycles
and then my mind is off again
somewhere back in the past
or on a different continent altogether.
But I can sense there is something different now,
that some shift has taken place
since the first times I sat four years ago.
Now I’m not trying to get better at this.
Now I’m not trying to fix myself
or cajole or pummel my mind into submission.
This is thinking.
It’s so simple.
I don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed
for not being better than I am right now.
Finally, a place where I can be free
of my perfectionism
and my unconscious neuroses…
just sitting and breathing
and returning my attention to my breath
when my mind wanders.
I can relax into this moment.
This moment of breathing,
this moment of being human.

This Moment is the Path


And what if
we could relax
with uncertainty,
if we could stop
trying to anticipate
the future?
This moment is the path.
Life is not a highway,
and it doesn’t come with a map.
We can’t plan on getting
from point A to point B
and guarantee that we’ll
reach a certain destination
by the end of it all…
This moment is the path.
We can see what we lived before
but the future is completely unknown.
Can we let go of our illusion of control
and our obsession with familiarity,
and dive into the unknown?
This moment,
let yourself grow more peaceful,
more calm
embracing the open
always unfolding
path of this present moment.