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Today Is A Good Day


It’s his 40th birthday today,
and I pretended
that my whole entire life
hadn’t been torpedoed
almost a year ago.
I had the kids make cards for him.
I took them to REI and
we got a present for him,
a colorful Eno hammock
and strong Atlas strapping
to enjoy peaceful moments
swinging and relaxing
surrounded by color and light.
I texted him and wished him well.
I sat in meditation and prayed for him.
I woke up and mentally sent him
the phrases of metta,
May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
I meant it.
I think my spiritual practice
is bearing fruit,
and I’m happy to be released
from my anger and sadness.
Today is a good day.

Free and Light and Clear


I was ready for it
and so it came…
I realized
I didn’t want to suffer any longer.
I wanted him to be happy.
I wanted to heal.
I wanted my children to feel safe
with both of us.
I wanted to release my anger.
I wanted to embrace trust,
to trust in love,
to love what is.
Once the decision was made,
there was no turning back.
Grace swept over me
and through me,
above and below me,
all around me,
in front of me,
behind me,
past and future,
and I found myself
here in this moment
free and light and clear.

Letting Go


And then it finally hit me…
He gave me my freedom.
It was what I wanted,
what I was praying for,
but in the moment where
he was telling me
that he was leaving,
I held on.
I wanted to make it work.
I wanted to believe in love,
in this marriage.
But if it’s ending like this,
it never really was love.
I’m not going to hold on
to my story, my illusion of love, no.
I’m going to embrace my freedom
by letting go.

Forgiveness All Day


I spent the day praying
for a miracle of forgiveness.
I didn’t want to hold grievances
against anyone anymore.
I wanted to be free
of all the negativity
that was chaining me
to hurts of my past.
It seemed to go quite well,
this heart-opening I requested
from God and the Angels.
I felt lighter, more spacious,
more free,
as I imagined forgiving everyone
in my life, no exceptions.
But then night fell.
He went out with his friends
leaving me alone with the kids…
And I was tired.
And they wouldn’t go to bed.
Then they wouldn’t stay in bed.
So I yelled. I got loud and angry.
But hey,
I practiced forgiveness all day,
so maybe I’ll be able
to extend some to myself.

Let Go


Brave one, let go.
Straining to hold on hurts…
just let go.
When you let go,
your own life energy flows
around and through you
and nourishes you;
You become the flow of life.
On the other side of your fear
your wise self waits and watches
silently poised, ready, attuned
to your every movement.
This self will spring up
to meet you
the instant you let go.

Softening into the Flow


Become aware of your surroundings.
Feel where your body touches the world.
Bring your awareness to the weight and warmth
where your body touches your own body.

As you breathe,
exhale long and slow,
softly sigh as though releasing a heavy load.
Let go into gravity.
Allow the inhalation to come naturally,
effortlessly receive the breath.

Scan your body for signs of tensions.
Breathe your awareness into those regions.
As you exhale, soften and open around the tension. Smile to yourself.
Gently remind yourself,
“I don’t need to hold this in my body.”

After scanning and releasing throughout your whole body,
allow all sensations to flow within the space of your
awareness; experience the symphony of life resonating within your body.
Remember–there is space for all sensations within your experience.

If tension or pain still remains, soften around it.
Allow the sensations to float freely and to change without resistance.
Gently bring your awareness to the flow of thoughts, feelings,
and images in your mind.
Simply notice (without commentary) how they change from
moment to moment.
Attend to the process of change without concern for the particular
content of the thoughts and images.

If you notice your attention tightening
around any thought, feeling, image, or sensation,
simply notice the gripping,
smile to yourself,
breath into it,
and let it flow.

–Joel & Michelle Levey,
                              The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation,   pp  29-30


Here you are friends, another easy relaxation exercise that doesn’t take too much time out of your busy day.  Carrying tension in your body is work; it requires physical energy to keep your muscles contracted.  When you consciously release tension from your body, you free up the energy that was devoted to keeping muscles in their contracted state to be used for other purposes, like healing, concentrating, moving efficiently, digesting your food properly, drawing on higher order thinking skills for problem solving, creativity, need I go on?

Take a moment for yourself to let go of tension and breathe.  And then encourage someone you love to do the same.  Bam! Two more people in the world ready to experience more joy in their lives!