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See What Happens


When you decide to live in the mystery,
nothing is predictable.
One day goes smoothly,
the next full of obstacles.
When you decide to leave the safety of routine
and give your life over to some greater purpose,
only surrender and trust will do.
It is a death of sorts…
familiarity makes way for chaos,
and this is a good thing.
The moment your whole life falls apart,
this is the beginning of your journey
to realizing your fullest destiny.
Take heart;
there are others who have gone before you,
you are not alone.
Take a deep breath,
walk to the edge and jump.
You will grow wings and fly,
you will be caught by some gigantic gentle hands,
or you might be smashed to bits on the rocks below.
Whatever happens, new life awaits…
so don’t wait.
Dive, dive into the mystery,
and see what happens.

Switch It Up


breathing. Mindfulness.
Presence. Now.
I learned a breathing technique last night,
and this morning,
I ditched my established meditation routine
and focused on this one thing.
It was kind of amazing
to try something new.
After more than 1.5 years doing the same thing,
it was a revelation
to just switch it up.
And then I wondered,
In what other areas of my life
have I gotten stuck in a routine,
and where else do I need to
ditch the old
and just switch it up?

The Return


I come home
not sure what home is.
I leave strangers
who feel more like family
than my blood relatives.
We return to our daily lives
and I wonder
Will I remember
what I saw here?
The weight of my routine
will come crashing back down;
do I have the strength to stand
for the truth that held me
in the farthest reaches
of my mind, my universe?
Please god,
help me remember.
I want my journey to mean something.
I want to remember.

Life Teaches Us All We Need to Know About Ourselves


the most obvious things
are the hardest to see
because we’ve been staring at them so long
they become just another part of the scenery,
blending into obscurity.

it isn’t until
the routine is completely shaken up
that we see how we’ve been living,
what works and what doesn’t.

So it was with me
and the experience
of being caught in a snowstorm
this weekend,
the gift the snowstorm gave me:

being saved by some nearby friends
who gave me a place to stay,
getting more rest this past night
than I have gotten in
god only knows how long,

I had a realization:
I need more rest in my life.
Simple yes,
but remember,
the obvious things
are sometimes the hardest to see.

And today it was so clear.

Today I had more energy
and my mood was more buoyant,
my mind was clearer
and everything was just so much more fun.

It’s amazing what one solid night of sleep can do.

And so I give thanks
for the routine I was living
where I wasn’t getting enough sleep,
and for the opportunity
to step out of that routine
and experience true rest
so that I could contrast
the two different experiences,
see what works and what doesn’t.

It is in simple little ways like this
that life teaches us all we need to know
about ourselves.