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Only This Moment


I have no idea
where I’ll be living
at this time next year.
But then again, really,
do any of us
have any idea?
We may think we know,
but that’s just a thought.
In the end,
we only have this moment.
Everything could change
in the blink of an eye.
So I’ll stop comparing myself
to those who you
who enjoy relative stability,
and remember
that all of us,
no matter how wealthy or how poor,
no matter how healthy or how sick,
no matter how young or how old,
all of us
only have this moment.

We Need the Shadows


The point isn’t to escape uncertainty,
it isn’t to create security…
everything is changing always,
and therefore nothing is certain,
and nothing is secure.
But learning to deal with our own discomfort–
ah THIS,
this is the path of the warrior.
We use each moment
to come to terms with
what we have been refusing to acknowledge
until now.
As the fear, the anger,
the tenderness, the sadness arise
we can choose…
Do we hold the feeling,
bringing it close to us where it can
Or do we ignore the feeling,
suppress, hold down…
allowing it to harden,
to block the flow of compassion
from our hearts to the hearts of others?
Let the discomfort in.
Allow yourself to feel.
We need the shadows
to know where the sunlight
shines brightest.