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A Dream is Enough

The quote above is from Deida’s book The Way of the Superior Man

After being told for so long
by the one I had pledged to love
that there was something wrong with me,
that I was good for nothing,
lazy, selfish, irresponsible,
and at the cause of all
our collective misfortunes,
it goes without saying
that it feels quite refreshing to be alone.
Without all of the noise,
the criticism, the discouragement,
the manipulation, the control
and—let’s be plain—the abuse,
I can finally begin
to tease apart the threads of the veil
that had been woven around
my eyes, my mind, my body, my heart.
I can finally begin to discern
what is real and true for me,
who I really am.
As I learn to exist in this new reality
and heal my bruises and tend to my wounds,
I feel myself growing stronger, more sure
of the good that surrounds me,
the good within me.
As I connect with and exist inside this good,
I allow myself to dream about what is possible.
I dream about deep, intimate connection
first with myself,
and then, one day, with another.
I dream about a man
who is aware of his presence,
who sees his depth of awareness
as his most valuable asset.
I dream about myself
standing in my power and grace with this man,
who wants to honor me with his strength,
as I honor him with my devotion.
For now it is a dream.
For now, a dream is enough.

Thank You Body


Listening to my body…
Musing at how,
in its infinite wisdom,
it shows me exactly how
I need to take care of myself,
how, in its most gloriously
accurate wisdom,
it reveals to me how
I haven’t been taking
care of myself.
What an exquisite thing,
my body,
and how little time
do I actually spend
appreciating it.
Instead of dwelling
on every little thing
that bothers me,
that arouses anxiety,
that makes me feel
I think my time
will be better spent
in a conversation with my body,
where I listen,
and at intervals,
say thanks.

The Healing Loneliness


There is a loneliness
that doesn’t hurt but heals,
a way of being by oneself
that supports great inner work.
It’s in the quiet
that we can hear the
softly spoken wisdom of our inner teacher,
in the outer stillness
that we can perceive the tiny currents
always moving within us.
Don’t seek to fill up every available minute
with activity and company–
take those blessed little moments
of time by yourself
to remember the vastness of your true nature,
to taste the potential that lives in you
when you close your eyes to the outer world,
and open your heart to what lies within.

A Union Such as This


If you want to help someone else
you must first face whatever it is in you
that you have been rejecting, repressing,
for how you can truly help another
if your shadows  have rendered you helpless?
How can you heal another
if your wounds are eating you from within?
Become friends with your inherent wholeness,
see the play of time and space,
the swirls of existence,
the inevitable cycles of pleasure and pain
gain and loss
sorrow and joy,
and remember who you are beneath
the surface of dualistic thinking.
The being in you wants your attention.
The being in you waits patiently.
Would you keep an old friend waiting forever?
Reconnect, reestablish this friendship,
deep, warm, ancient and sweet.
In a union such as this,
the whole world is sure to awaken.